Looking for safe access where you can pass through your products? MasoSine pump SOMA products are manufactured and tested under the highest quality standards in Germany. The innovative years of SOMA have been able to create another product – SOMA Sinus Sodial MasoSine Pump. SOMA Pumps began in 2010 and its new one is now staged in the global market. Manfred Sommer developed the SOMA Pump, which is a positive displacement pump, in 1982.

Attain an effective cost while ensuring the best quality of SOMA Sinus Sodial Pump. It’s possible to transfer the fragile parts using our pumps without destroying its composition. It has an advantage to a rotary lobe pump, a progressive cavity pump and a twin-screw pump.

SOMA Sinus Sodial MasoSine Pump gives you a commitment to the excellent progress of your desired products for your industries.

MasoSine, Soma Sinus Sodial® Pump

The SOMA Sinus Sodial waved-shaped rotor perfectly fits the pump shaft with one seal system. It achieves the safety and quality of the products as they are being carefully transferred in the four moving chambers of the sodial pump – leaving no shear nor damage.

From cheese, juice concentrates, lotions up to paints, SOMA Sinus Sodial can make the processes possible, producing a satisfactory end product.

The SCN series of SOMA Pumps works with a temperature range of -40 to -100 degrees Celsius. Due to the continuous open inlet, the product is able to enter the pump without interruption. It can be transferred with up to 15kg/cm2 maximum working pressure.

With or without forcing a feed to the pump, the transportation of the product is possible since the high viscous and shear sensitive products are covered within the maximum viscosity of 2,000,000 centipoise or higher.

It has the ability to pump fruit or meat products without changing the structure of the product made of 316 Stainless Steel, Polyamide. This housing is very cost-effective with lower costs initially than most pumps offering painted power frames. These stainless steel power frames come in a variety of sizes, orientations, and mating connections. They are standard for sizes 20 – 25 and 40.

What goes in the pump is rated at 40 m3/hr and heads to 150 meters. A positive displacement pump can discharge constant amounts of fluids with each revolution under almost all conditions, providing continuous flow and displacing 0.015 – 0.67 gallons per revolution and a speed range of 1,000 rpm (max).


We are always ready to be your reliable partner for Dairy, Prepared Foods, Meat and Poultry, Beverage, Confection, Bakery, Seafood, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Cosmetic Industries.

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  • Gentle Handling of Any Shear Sensitive Product
  • Superior Suction Abilities
  • Constant Open Inlet (where the high viscous products can easily access the pump. It also has an excellent self-suction capability)
  • Pulsation-Free Pumping Action
  • Ability to Handle High-Level Viscosities 3.000.000 MIO CPS or More
  • Unlimited Guarantee of Pump Housing and Cover
  • The Only Full-Time Inline Maintenance Pump Design (simply change the main wearing parts – liners and scrape – inline without taking the pump out of the system)
  • No re-machining
  • Eco-friendly Due to Lower Power Consumption than a Twin Screw Pump
  • The SOMA Pump Parts are Interchangeable with Watson Marlow® Pumps
  • Lower Overall Cost of Ownership


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