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Safety of everyone has been highlighted more than ever since the CoVid-19 timeline from zero patient to epidemic and now a pandemic. The threat of CoVid-19 to the community, not only in the healthcare, but more so to public arenas and businesses have led to the need for more advanced, more effective, and more efficient technologies for cleaning equipment and Graco introduces airless gun sprayers with the SaniSpray HP disinfectant sprayers in response to the pandemic.

The new Graco SaniSpray HP Disinfectant Sprayers are the fastest disinfecting application method available today. Period. Graco offers a range of products to cater to your needs with commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, it includes innovative patented technologies to deliver the highest productivity on all your cleaning jobs with its hospital grade disinfectant spray.

The goal of continuing business as usual with the highest focus to safety forced disinfecting and sanitising to reach an all-time high demand for the industry and the businesses. SaniSpray HP range of products is uniquely engineered with the highest grade materials to work with disinfectants, deodorants, and sanitisers. The products have been designed to sustain business in the industries which are, but not limited to:

Food Services



Health Care Facilities


Sports Facilities

This demand will be a long-term need of communities and businesses which will ultimately advance stricter standards for cleaning and disinfecting to reduce transmission. Hence, the Graco SaniSpray HP to assist you in all your sanitising cleaning services.

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Why choose Graco SaniSpray HP over Hand Pump Sprayer?

Time saved is money earned. For businesses with multiple services, fast and efficient time-saving processes and equipment is always a top priority. The SaniSpray HP saves time with up to 5X faster sanitising task completion than your regular hand spray. Consistent coverage, without heavy drips and runs, allows you to achieve specified disinfectant dwell times.

Higher Productivity. Higher efficiency is the yield of the ability of the Graco spray gun to completely coat the surfaces which indicate faster completion and dwell time, leading to more output with less fatigue than the regular hand pump sprayer. 

The right sprayer for all jobs, all areas, all the time

Compatibility with Solutions

The Graco airless sprayers have the simplest mechanisms for everyone. Just insert the disinfectant into them and you are ready to disinfect and clean. It is compatible with a wide range of disinfectant solutions both water-based and alcohol-based which are approved to fight against SARS-CoV-2 or the COVID-19.

Achieves Job Faster

Graco takes pride in introducing the SaniSpray HP airless sprayer which makes every disinfection job faster within a sheet of spray to disinfect and sanitise efficiently. Each product line has a unique capability to handle each disinfectant with the minimum resource and fastest time possible.

Designed for Every Application

Achieves customer satisfaction for high-risk areas like patient wards, hallways, and business centres with faster turnaround time. With variable pressure settings, multiple spray tip options, and a wide range of accessories to meet different job requirements.

Effectively Tested to Fight against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Graco spray gun follows strictly the EPA’s criteria of List N, disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with 1) the approved alcohol-based active ingredients of ethanol and isopropanol (except for SaniSpray HP 10 and SaniSpray HP 20); and 2) the water-based active ingredients of aldehyde, phenolic, quaternary ammonium compounds, sodium hypochlorite (Bleach), peroxyacetic, hydrogen peroxide. 

The engineered technology of the Graco airless sprayer, SaniSpray HP, allows each product to fight against a communicable virus-like SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses.



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