The NEXUS SC pump is a single impeller, horizontally configured, double volute axially split case centrifugal pump. The pump design allows water to enter into eyes on both sides of the impeller, generally meaning the pumps provide a low NSPHr and high flow at a large range of pressures. The double entry of water into the eye of the impeller also means there is almost no axial forces. The suction and discharge flanges of the pump are of the same centreline. The pumps have a single shaft however have 2 mechanical seals as the shaft is supported on both sides of the pump.

All Pumps have used these horizontal split case pumps successfully in:

  • Irrigation
  • Emergency Water Transfer
  • Water Recycling Plants
  • Water Supply for Mains
  • Transfer from Dam to Dam
  • Water Treatment in Municipal Stations
  • HVAC Systems for Large Manufacturing Plants
  • Fire Fighting with Diesel and Electric Motors
  • Bulk Liquid Transfer & Storage

Casing Cast Iron Nodular Cast Iron Steel Ni-Resist Bronze Stainless Steel
Impeller Bronze Bronze Stainless Steel Ni-Resist Bronze Stainless Steel
Shaft Steel Steel Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Casing Rings Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Ni-Resist Bronze Stainless Steel
Seal Mechanical Seal or Gland Packing
Bearing Housing Cast iron, Steel or Stainless Steel
Bearings Sealed for Life Bearings, Roller Bearings, Ball Bearings – various options depending on the pump sites

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