Jabsco has a 40-year track record of producing exceptionally reliable lobe pumps used in a variety of industries:

  • Non-contacting synchronized lobes able to process large-size soft solids
  • SS316L pump head capable of high pressures and smooth flow
  • Hygienic approvals available for food and pharmaceutical use
Wide range of standard options
  • Multiple rotor forms
  • Choice of pressure relief and temperature control options
  • Many seal configurations and materials to choose from
  • Alternative Surface finishes selections
  • All stainless steel construction available
  • 3A, EHEDG and ATEX approvals
  • 3.1 certification packs
Robust design
  • Large diameter shafts withstand pressure
  • High-grade taper bearings for long life
  • Precision engineered pump head
  • Wide helical gear design for quiet running
  • White Epoxy-coated bearing housing and gear cover as standard
  • All-stainless steel option available
High volumetric efficiency
  • Bi-lobe Scimitar and Tri-lobe form rotors available and interchangeable to suit both hydraulic performance and personal tastes
  • Both rotor forms available in high efficiency or high

Jabsco rotary lobe pump are well suited to the chemical & industrial, food & beverage, personal care & cosmetics and Pharmaceutical processing markets. With a comprehensive range of 5 main pump sizes, the 3A, FDA, EN1935-2004 approved HP series and Ultra – hygienic EHEDG approved UL series Jabsco can quickly and efficiently provide lobe pump for your process and the technical support needed to assure end customer satisfaction. For low flows ,ask about our EHEDG 55 and 3A FDA S2 series.

Easy maintenance
  • All pumps supplied with rotor retainer and seal removal tooling
  • Front loading single shaft seals, simple in design, are fully accessible without disturbing the process pipework
  • Scimitar rotors require no timing adjustment
  • Comprehensive user manual with step-by-step maintenance instructions including spare parts guide, provided with new, pumps
Especially suited for:
  • Ingredient unloading and transfer
  • Tank filling and emptying
  • Recirculation and mixing
  • Portion and container filling
  • Sampling and filtration
Applications include:
  • Chemical and industrial
  • Food and beverage
  • Personal care products and cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical

HP/UL Rotary Lobe Pumps


The 3A/FDA/EN1935-2004 approved design comes with C/SS, C/SiC SiC/SiC rotors, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton or PTFE elastomers and supports end cover relief valves and temperature control jackets.

The UL range mirrors the HP range. It comes with C/SiC as standard and employs a EHEDG-tested and approved design with Scimitar rotors. This hygienically-designed end cover and port joint gaskets, with EPDM to USP class VI, ensures maximum assurance when it is needed.

HP/UL Rotary Lobe Pumps Technical Specifications

ModelPort SizeDisplacement Per 100 Revs.Max FlowMax PressureMax SpeedBare Shaft WeightTemperatureViscosity
HP3219mm or
3.5 Litres52 LPM15 bar1500 RPM8kg-30° to 140°C1 to 1 million cP
HP3425mm or
7 Litres105 LPM8 bar1500 RPM10kg
HP/UL4225mm or
12.3 Litres123 LPM15 bar1000 RPM18kg
HP/UL4438mm or
20.4 Litres204 LPM8 bar1000 RPM20kg
HP/UL5238mm or
26.5 Litres265 LPM15 bar1000 RPM32kg
HP/UL5450mm or
45.5 Litres455 LPM8 bar1000 RPM35kg
63mm or
64 Litres461 LPM15 bar720 RPM61kg
HP/UL6476mm or
95 Litres684 LPM8 bar720 RPM65kg
HP/UL7276mm or
123 Litres836 LPM15 bar680 RPM125kg
HP/UL74100mm or
205 Litres1230 LPM8 bar600 RPM145kg
HP/UL76127mm or
301.5 Litres1809 LPM5 bar600 RPM165kg

* Check hydraulics when handling viscous fluids.
This is an approximate selection guide only. Full details of flow, pressure, viscosity and suction conditions are required to enable exact selection.

About Jabsco


Jabsco pumps by Xylem have been in the industry for over 40 years, manufacturing industrial pumps for a wide variety of applications. Jabsco HyLine and Ultima positive displacement rotary lobe pumps are designed to pump delicate, viscous and particle-laden fluids as well as thin liquids which require an all stainless steel pump. The design of Jabsco Lobe Pumps is influenced by some fundamental engineering principles and it is useful to understand these first to ensure their most effective selection and operation.

All Pumps has been importing, servicing and supplying Jabsco pumps in Australia for 20 years and support the full Jabsco range of pumps and spare parts.

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