Sabre pumps are a range of submersible pumps and horizontal multistage pumps. They are versatile, robust pumps used in a wide range of applications including building services, commercial, domestic, municipal, rural, industrial, and rainwater re-use. The Sabre submersible pumps are heavy duty pumps for pumping stormwater, sewage, grey water, and trade waste. The Sabre horizontal multistage pumps are used for fire hydrant jacking pumps, fire hose reel pumps, rainwater re-use pumps, cold water boosting.

Sabre pumps are imported and distributed exclusively throughout Australia by All Pumps.

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ULTRAFLOW 5”multistage submersible pumps are a compact, robust product. These quality pumps are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel. They offer an extensive performance range and have been proven to perform reliably and efficiently in many demanding applications around the world. These high pressure multistage submersible pumps are ideal for domestic water supply, pressure boosting, irrigation, treated effluent distribution, fountains, 6” bore & well dewatering, ULTRAFLOW 5” multistage submersible pumps can be installed in conjunction with a variety of control systems including conventional pressure switch controllers, pressure & flow switch controllers and variable frequency drives.

Maximum working pressure: 10 Bar
Discharge size: 1.25 inches (32mm) BSP
Maximum immersion: 20 m, (60ft)
Maximum solids size up to 2 mm
Class F insulation, IP68 protection
Duty rating: Continuous either vertical or horizontal up to maximum
ambient temperature of 40ºC
Maximum starts per hour: 20
Available in 240 or 415 volt
Floatswitch available on 240 volt models only
20 m power cable type H07RN F supplied with AU/NZ 2-3 pin plug
Can be installed horizontally or vertically
Energy-saving operation
Quick and simplified application
System reliability
Treated effluent distribution

Sabre UltraFlow Series Resources

Sabre UltraFlow Series






Code Description
1 Screws and flanges for pre-loading assembly
2 Power cable assembly
3 Seeger-ring
4 Level control assembly
5 Capacitor with cables and connectors*
6 Clamp for capacitor
7 Outer case with discharge head
8 Suction strainer
9 Motor housing and stator
10 Upper motor cover
11 Upper bearing housing with cover
12 Lower motor cover
13 Lower bearing cover
14 Kit-O-Rings (5 pcs)
15 Kit mechanical seals (2 pcs)
16 Kit ball bearings (2 pcs)
17 Rotor and pump shaft
18 Kit screws, nut and washers
19 Stage housing and diffuser
20 Spacer
21 Floating neck ring assembly
22 Initial stage housing
23 Impeller
24 Impeller spacers (2 pcs)

* For single phase/240 volt model pumps


Code Description
1 Delivery casing
2 Screw
3 External jacket
4 O-ring
5 Screw
6 Washer
7 Wear ring (1)
8 Suction strainer
9 First stage casing
10 Stage casing
11 Last stage casing
12 Impeller
13 Impeller nut
14 Washer
15 Oil chamber cover
16 Mechanical seal
17 Retaining ring, split
18 Shoulder ring
19 Spacer
20 Spacer sleeve
21 Motor cover, pump side
22 O-ring
23 O-ring
24 Cable gland
25 Upper mechanical seal
25 Circlip
25 Pump side bearing
25 Motor jacket with winding
25 Capacitor (single phase models)
25 Jacket cover
25 Shaft with rotor packet
25 O-ring
25 Bearing
25 Motor end-shield, non-drive end
25 Screw
25 O-ring
25 Compensating spring
25 Cable
(1) Inserted in the stage casing, cannot be supplied seperately

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