SPEL StormChamber

Benefits Over Other Storage Methods

  • Helps counter drought conditions by maintaining groundwater base flow to streams.
  • Superior load ratings for trafficable areas.
  • Maximised volume for efficient storage void ratio.
  • The least cost underground alternative.
  • The lowest installed cost of any modular storage technology.
  • Burial depths up to over 9m.
  • Layered installations possible for restricted surface area sites.
  • Superior design eliminates costly and complicated header manifold systems.
  • Can be utilised for conveyance in remote locations.
  • Recycled HDPE construction allows smaller excavation and decreased footprint.

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SPEL StormChamber Description and Specifications

Benefits Over Similar Technologies

StormChamberOther Technology
Header pipe manifold in flow/out flowNoYes
AASHTO H-20 wheel load ratingExceeds by 4xMeets
End plates to purchase & installNoYes
Need for pre-treatment devicesNoYes
Maximum height of fill9.14m2.44m
Require compacting stone baseNoYes
Two & three layered installationYesNo
Number chambers required40-45% fewer40-45% more
Installed cost & timeSignificantly lessSignificantly more
FootprintSignificantly lessSignificantly more
Excavation, stone, backfillSignificantly lessSignificantly more
Compaction, grading & filter fabricSignificantly lessSignificantly more

SPEL StormChamber Specifications

Storm Chamber storage = 2.12m3
Design storage capacity = 3.26 to 4.56m3
Length = 2.59m
Width = 1.52m
Height = 86.36cm

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