Tuthill Global Gear Series

Global Gear was introduced in 2001, and since then more than 12,000 pumps have been shipped to locations all over the world. The Inside Reliability Story Behind GLOBALGEAR®

Tuthill’s Global Gear® was developed based on customer input, and customer input in the process industries clearly points to the need for better gear pump reliability and specifically better seal reliability.


Tuthill Global Gear Series Performance Capabilities

The opportunity for better reliability is created by the situation that many pumps applied on viscous liquids are fundamentally designed for packing and later adapted to mechanical seals. In many cases, the seals being selected were designed for use with water-like liquids. Pumps designed for packing combined with mechanical seals designed for thin liquids are no match to offer extended reliability with demanding viscous liquid applications.

Design features for extended seal life include:

  • Oversized shaft and bearing diameters in sizes 120 thru 550
  • Large bore size for stuffing boxes
  • Pressurised fluid paths for seal lubrication
  • Options for viscous liquid duty seals
Model Max Nominal Flow Rate
Pump Size m3/hr Rpm
GG015 2.8 1450
GG030 5.7 1450
GG050 6.9 920
GG070 9.1 920
GG080 10.9 920
GG090 13.7 920
GG120 20.0 920
GG130 27.0 920
GG200 31.0 640
GG210 32.0 520
GG250 45.4 640
GG550 124.5 500
Pressures to 13.8 bar
Temperatures to 316ºC
Viscosities to 220,000 cst

Customising Your Tuthill Global Gear Pumps

Global Gear Pumps are versatile and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Optional Features:

  • Relief Valves
  • Seal Choices
  • Heat Jackets
  • Oversized and High Pressure Flanges
  • Abrasive Fluid Special Construction
  • High Temperature Construction

Tuthill L Series Manuals

Following are a wide range of installation, engineering, and maintenance manuals for Tuthill pumps. These can assist you in ordering any spares parts you may require, and assist with any installation and troubleshooting you may encounter.

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