• Highest efficiency – Up to 70% efficiency lowers cost of ownership by significant savings of electricity. Can save thousands of kWh per year on your electricity bill.
  • Best run dry ability – Superior run dry ability helps protect the pump from system upset or operator error. Eliminates costly repairs and downtime.
  • Best warranty – Careful attention to detail results in a mag drive pump that is the most reliable and efficient on the market, offering five years peace of mind.
  • Best corrosion resistance – Durably moulded from corrosion resistant polypropylene or PVDF, the DB Series handles the most corrosive chemicals with ease. Prevents downtime due to pump corrosion problems.
  • High working pressure – Allows high specific gravity fluids to be safely pumped. Protects against unexpected surges in system pressure.
  • Multiple connections – NPT or BSP threads, adjustable flanges or union connections make it easy to connect to any system reducing installation cost and time
  • Standard NEMA or IEC motors – DB Series mounts to all standard motors.
  • ATEX certified models available

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  • Magnetically coupled…no seals to replace
  • 5-year warranty on DB Series pumps
  • Excellent for highly aggressive liquids, chemicals, acids, caustics and corrosives
  • 5-Extended run dry capability with carbon bushing
  • Up to 1.8 SG
  • Working pressure to 90 psi (6.2 bar) – DB Series
  • Viscosity up to 150 cP
  • Easy set, measurement free drive (DB Series)
  • Back pull-out design for easy service
  • ATEX certified DB models available



  • Sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite
  • Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid
  • Corrosive blends, solvents, wastewater


  • Corrosion resistant polypropylene (180°F/82°C) or PVDF(220F/104°C)
  • Rare earth neodymium magnets
  • Viton® or EPDM o-rings standard; other options available
  • Carbon, ceramic, PTFE, silicon carbide bushings
  • TEFC, Chem Duty, EXP and 575V NEMA or IEC motors
  • ISO 1940 G2.5 balancing (DB Series)
  • NPT or BSP threaded, union, or flanged connections


  • Chemical processing, bulk unload, transfer
  • Plating recirculation/filtration, PCB etching/rinse
  • Water/waste water treatment, wet scrubber
  • Laboratory, pharmaceutical, photo processing

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