The sinusoidal/sine pumps are relatively new technology that was developed and patented by MasoSine. It features a rotor that takes the shape of a sine wave. They work by creating four moving chambers, which are responsible for transferring the working fluid from the low-pressure inlet to the high-pressure discharge port. 

The gentle action of this pump type has made it popular in the food and beverage, dairy, and other industries that cannot tolerate product contamination and shear. 

Sinusoidal Pumps Design

The sine pumps are often used as an alternative to lobe and progressing cavity pumps. Their sinusoidal-shaped rotor produces powerful suction with low shear to product, creates very low pulsation, and pumps very gently. The technology allows the food and beverage industry to save a hefty amount of cash from power usage as sine pumps only require 50% of the energy consumed by other pumps to operate. 

Sine pumps feature a very simple design, hence saving industry owners from time consuming maintenance and cleaning. In fact, they can be overhauled right on the spot without disconnecting them from the system that they are a part of. The very few parts of this pump type also make it easier to maintain compared with other pumps.

Sinusoidal Pump Operation

The sine pumps operate using the positive displacement working principle, hence contamination of product is very unlikely. The sine-wave-shaped rotor creates four moving chambers which gently convey the duty fluid from the inlet port to the higher-pressure discharge port. First, the chamber at the inlet rotates, contracts, closes, and discharges the fluid through the outlet port. At the same time, the opposite chamber opens to draw in more fluid, resulting in a smooth flow with virtually no pulsation. A gate around the rotor functions as a seal between the inlet and outlet of the pump, preventing fluid from escaping. 

Sine Pumps Benefits

  • Sine pumps can run dry for a time without breaking down.
  • Excellent product preservation because of their very gentle pumping action.
  • Sine pumps have small footprint – about a 3rd of the size of a progressive cavity pump.
  • Sine pumps are designed to support inline maintenance which means there’s no need to take out the pump from the system.
  • Sine pumps consumes lesser energy than other conventional pumps.
  • Designed with almost pulsation-free operation.

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Brands we Sell, Stock & Service

SOMA pump is an expert in the design and manufacture of sine pumps. For almost four decades, SOMA has been the go-to pump of many food, cosmetic, and chemical manufacturing businesses in Germany and across the globe.

SOMA Sinusoidal pumps’ specialty comes in their even and gentle pumping action to preserve product integrity. Another selling point of SOMA Sine pumps is their main wearing part’s interchangeability with other major brands. Finally, they offer unlimited guarantee for the stainless steel pump housing, which also comes in different sizes, mating connections, and orientation.

With their powerful suction capability, high discharge pressure, longer operational life, low cost of ownership, unique design features, and highly reliable pumping, SOMA Sine pumps are fulfilling the company’s goal to become globally competitive in conveying shear-sensitive products.

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