Waste water pumps transport heavily contaminated water which often contains solid particles of various organic, inorganic and mineral origin. Single-stage designs are preferable. Waste water pumps are generally not self-priming. They are completely submerged in the fluid handled. Wear-resistant mechanical seals are used as a shaft seal.

Typical applications are those of the food processing, construction, pulp and paper, sugar, and metal industries (e. g. metal electrolysis) as well as mining and water extraction (e. g. cooling water, seawater desalination). A distinction is made between municipal and industrial waste water pumps as the requirements differ considerably. Municipal waste water pumps, also referred to as sewage pumps, typically transport the following fluids: raw sewage (e. g. waste water, sewage, see Sewage pump), mechanically treated waste water from treatment tanks, sludge (e. g. activated, raw, digested and return activated sludge) as well as stormwater.

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Waste Water

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