KIBER KSF Progressive Cavity Pump

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The Inoxpa KSF Series is a collection of food-grade progressive cavity pumps. They create a suction lift of up to 7 meters and can efficiently pump low to high-viscosity products and fluids containing soft solids. Their design makes them self-priming and the flow reversible.
The KSF progressive cavity pumps are ideal for transporting beverages, concentrates, edible oils, and wines. Their working principle makes them a preferred type for handling viscous food products like jam, marmalade, and melted cheese. In the cosmetics industry, the KSF pumps are extra helpful in the transfer of liquid soap, gels, and creams.


Abaque Peristaltic Pump HD25 model

Design Advantages

  • Close-coupled design and directly coupled to the drive
  • Low pulse, gentle pumping action
  • Open transmission, hygienic design
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L wetted parts
  • Single internal mechanical seal complies with FDA and EC 1935/2004
  • Excentric outlet

Available Options

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  • Single flushed mechanical seal (Quench).
  • Mechanical seal: SiC/SiC.
  • Gland packing.
  • Stators: white EPDM and black NBR.
  • Gaskets: EPDM.
  • Other types of connections.
  • Heavy-duty transmission.
  • Fixed transmission.
  • Pump casing with heating jacket.
  • Stainless steel trolley.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Bypass pressure relief valve.
  • Cleaning port (CIP).
  • ATEX certification.
  • Mounting/baseplate
  • Spare parts

Key Specifications

  • Maximum flow: 45 m³/h
  • Maximum working pressure - single stage: 6 bar
    • double stage 12 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: 85 ºC
  • Maximum speed: 1450 rpm


  • Beverage
  • Winery
  • Food
  • Dairy


Progressive cavity pumps employ a positive displacement working principle. The design of this pump consists of a motor at the drive end connected to a gearbox as pc pumps operate at low rpm compared to centrifugal pumps. The output shaft from the gearbox connects to a rotor via a universal pin joint which rotates a metallic rotor within a rubber stator. Stators contain cavities, and the rotor pushes fluids through the cavities in a slow rotating fashion. As the rotor begins to move eccentrically, the cavities form, draw in product and are ‘progressed’ along with the assembly and the product is expelled through the discharge port.

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