Finish Thompson Industrial Pumps

Finish Thompson Industrial Pumps

Finish Thompson, Inc is proudly American and boasts a range of industrial pumps with unmatched technology and performance. This manufacturer is known worldwide and is present in many industries that handle light to tough fluids. FTI offers a range of centrifugal pumps including sealless mag-drive pumps. There are also sealless and sealed drum pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps, vertical and horizontal pumps, and ANSI models in their product portfolio. Most FTI pumps have the ability to run dry for hours without any issues, which for other pumps can lead to their breakdown.


Our range of available
Fti pumps

Flow up to 90.08 m3/h

Flow up to 72.91 m3/h

Flow up to 74.72 m3/h

Flow up to 329.33 m3/h

Flow up to54.96 m3/h



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