Tallow Gear Pump

Project Details An equivalent was matched to replace a Viking Gear Pump as a direct dimensional replacement. The unit was designed and will be used to pump tallow at various temperatures. Problem: The client was faced with an increase in demand, for a new installation. The customer wanted to reduce downtime when repairing gear pumps.…

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High Volume Dewatering Pump

Project Details High Volume Dewatering Pump needed with Hazardous Area Ratings. In the event of a storm or high rainfall the bunded area around the fuel storage tanks at the terminal. The site wanted a portable solution that can run autonomously with priming opportunities. Rainwater and traces of hydrocarbons building up in hard to reach…

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molasses - pumps

Pumps for Molasses

Looking for Molasses Pumps? Firstly, what is Molasses? Molasses is the residue left after the crystallisation of sucrose. It is relatively little used in confectionery apart from in the manufacture of liquorice, which is its largest use, and in making treacle toffee. In this product the treacle adds colour and flavour. The definition of treacle…

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