All-Pumps Maintenance Solutions

All-Pumps Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance Service in Our Workshop

When you’re under the pump, we’ve got your back.
We’re certain.

All-Pumps has a dedicated workshop to support all kinds of maintenance on industrial pumps. Our extensive facilities combined with our 50 years’ worth of knowledge enable us to complete pump rebuilds reliably and effectively.  We aim to restore pumps to like-new condition. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround and factory-tested repairs to get your facility up and running in the shortest possible time. We are here when you need us.  

Our clients find that proper maintenance by a pump specialist leads to reduced disruption, stress, and costs. All pumps sent to us for repair are tested hydrostatically before being returned to your facility.

Our On-site Services Include:

On Site Maintenance

Maintenance Professionals Get In and Always Get It Right

Whether your pump is repaired in our workshop or you request us to come to you, All-Pumps delivers the same quality and excellence that has put us at the pinnacle of the pump service industry. A 3-month workmanship warranty backs all field services conducted by our specialists. 

As a general rule, for every dollar spent on preventive maintenance, you will save at least five dollars in subsequent expenses.
–  Kansas State University 
Our On-site Services Include:

Laser Alignment / Annual Inspection

Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. Reduce these breakdowns, production losses, high energy consumption, overheating, excessive vibration, and premature wear and tear with our laser alignment services. 


All-Pumps have qualified experts well-positioned to perform laser alignment services using the latest SKF shaft alignment tools to achieve the highest accuracy. We also provide a detailed Laser Alignment Report for your reference after service completion.  

We can work to fix:

Nexus Connect App

Are you having a hard time identifying and monitoring all the pumps you have on the site? Or are you sending the wrong people to check on your valuable assets? 

All-Pumps Nexus App is the smart solution for identifying and managing your assets!

Why Use the Nexus App
How it Works
  1. We go to your site
  2. Tag/identify every pump
  3. Tabulate the results on the Nexus app
  4. When needed, you refer to the app and get in touch with us
  5. Manuals and handy parts documents will be uploaded under each pump identified

On-Site Trouble Shooting / Pump Testing

All-Pumps have a full fleet of field service assets and factory-trained professionals to carry out all types of on-site pump services, including pump, troubleshooting, and design improvements for all pump brands and types in your facility.  

We Get to the Bottom of Things

Achieve reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective production through our strategic pump troubleshooting and testing services.  

How it Works

Our team will visit your site, review the pump application, operating and maintenance history, conduct a walkdown inspection, interview operation and maintenance personnel, and perform required specialised testing to collect data that includes but is not limited to: 

  • Pump capacity 
  • Total dynamic head 
  • Pump efficiency 
  • Net positive suction head 
  • Temperatures 
  • Excessive Vibration  

All-Pumps will be a trusted partner you can always rely on. For more details about our maintenance services, please get in touch with our friendly customer service associates. 

Experience Maintenance Expertise

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All-Pumps offers bespoke solution to your pump problems. Whether you need a new pump, replacement part, repair services, system design, or monthly maintenance, call our professionals!

Our customer support services are the best in the field with 100% customer satisfaction ratings.

How our experts can help you:

  • Free quote for installation / servicing / custom
         system design / pump or spare pricing
  • Schedule site inspections
  • Pump guides

And so much more!

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