All-Pumps Announces $10,000 Support for Ukraine War Victims

June 28, 2022

New South Wales: All-Pumps has declared that it would contribute to the worldwide humanitarian efforts to support for Ukraine war victims. The company will donate $10,000 of its marketing budget to help Ukraine’s suffering citizens in a charitable gesture. The amount will be sent to local organisations handling donations to sustain stranded Ukrainians’ needs for shelter and food.

The strength and courage of Ukrainians are an inspiration to the rest of the world. With many countries and prominent companies across the globe promising help, All-Pumps is also delighted to be able to send aid that will assist them, especially the innocent children during this crisis.


Today marks the first month of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The war began on February 24, 2022, when the Russian president announced a “special military operation” in the eastern part of Ukraine. Advancing quickly to Kharkiv, Odessa, the Donbas, and the country’s capital Kyiv, Ukraine stood firm with its declaration to fight Russia.

According to the latest data from United Nations, over 10 million people in Ukraine have been displaced, several towns and cities have been bombed beyond recognition, and nearly a thousand civilians have been killed.

The international organisation now seeks help as Ukrainians become vulnerable to health and protection needs following the limitation in essential services such as water, electricity, and emergency health and social services that have been put under strain since the war began.

“In our lucky country, we got together to do what we could to help. We sure feel we need to help in this situation by supporting the massive funds and emergency aid needed by whatever means we can,” All-Pumps in a statement.

The war continues to worsen without hints as to when it will be over. All-Pumps will remain open to donations from partners and customers who support the exact cause. Rest assured that all collected funds will go to the right organisations and reach the people who need immediate relief.

“We also want to thank all our customers for their support over the past difficult times in the world, enabling us to help where we can.”

All-Pumps expresses sincere hopes that the war between Russia and Ukraine will be resolved quickly and that peace will be restored in both countries and worldwide.


All-Pumps is a family-owned business that has worked hard to establish its reputation over the last 50 years. While our top priority is to supply safe and high-quality fluid transfer technologies to the Australian industry, we do not neglect our humanitarian duties towards our citizens. Now, with a peaceful country being threatened, All-Pumps pledges to continue to fulfill its social responsibility and support humanitarian initiatives, particularly in this time of devastation.

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