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All-Pumps is a trusted distributor and supplier of industrial pumps from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of hydraulic technologies, ensuring each of our client gets the right solution for their application.
Our wide range of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps serve businesses of different niche from mining, chemical processing, dewatering, power plants, sewage water treatment, dredging, petroleum industry, and many other industries.
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Using our range of pumps, our experts also assist businesses in designing their fluid transfer system and go a step further by offering servicing and maintenance. At All-Pumps, we have multiple solutions for all your pumping problems.
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Our proud legacy has been forged by innovation and serving the needs of our clients first and foremost. Simply, we listen, learn and act. That’s why we’re the first preference for pump suppliers in Australia.
  • Roper gear pumps and Graco air operated pumps
    I think you guys are very responsive. The staff know their products, good stocks, and supply quickly. No bad experiences. I think you are a pretty good organisation, and you are willing to help.
    Industrial adhesives manufacturing plant QLD
  • Graco pumps
    Good service, prompt response on quotes from salespeople, quick response if there’s any questions, and that just makes everybody here happy.
    Brick manufacturing plant
  • Air operated diaphragm pump repairs and service
    We never had any problems with All-Pumps generally speaking. Pretty good, all the engineers and sales guys we've talked to are helpful.
    Coal mining customer
  • Tuthill gear pump
    You always get what i want inside the timeframe so it's a pretty good job.
    Oil and gas customer
  • Grundfos ss submersible stormwater pump
    ...your service has been prompt. Pretty good. I ordered around 7-8 pumps in the last months and i have no issues.
    Food and beverage manufacturing customer
  • Grundfos pump
    Very happy with you people. No complaints. Quotes have been better from anyone else. I'm happy with this.
    Fruit juice manufacturing customer


Get our free downloadable pump applications guide to help you choose the best pump for your application.
This elaborated handbook for engineers and technicians serves as a comprehensive guide for the selection and installation of different pumps for different systems.

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Servicing you anywhere in Australia

All-Pumps offers a bespoke solution to your pump problems. Call our professionals if you need a new pump, replacement part, repair services, system design, or monthly maintenance!
Our customer support services are the best in the field with 100% customer satisfaction ratings.
Free quote for installation.
Free quote for servicing.
Free quote for custom system design.
Free quote for pump or spare pricing.
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