Almatec’s Specialty AODD

Almatec’s line of specialty pumps is engineered to meet the specific and strict requirements of special applications, including the high pressure, food and beverage, biopharma, and semiconductor industries. Although with different offerings, the BIOCOR, FUTUR, AHD/AHS, and MM Series are made from carefully selected materials to deliver their special functions while achieving optimal performance and lifespan. Almatec’s specialty pumps are economical to own, and they all incorporate an optimised diaphragm, compact construction, and simple design. 


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Specialty AOdd Series

Design Advantages
  • Self-priming, dry run capable, good suction head 
  • Maintenance-free PERSWING P® air control system 
  • AHD/AHS Series is designed to operate safely in high-pressure duties 
  • MM Series uses food-grade wetted materials and a design for CIP and SIP 
  • Futur’s housing parts are machined from solid blocks for longevity 
  • Biocor’s superior containment design prevents leaks and contamination 
Available Options

We customise pumps according to your specific application. Get in touch with us to know your options. 


  • Pulsation dampener for most models 
  • Draining system 
  • Barrier chamber system 
  • Diaphragm monitoring 
  • Stroke counter 
  • Flange connection 
  • Transport carts 
  • Spare pars 
Key Specifications
  • Capacity up to 88 GPM 
  • Air pressure up to 15 bar 
  • Suction lift up to 9 m 







CAPACITY (m3/h) 

Up to 17 

Up to 5.9 

Up to 19.76 

Up to 20 


Up to 9 

Up to 9 

Up to 3.5 

Up to 9 


Up to 7 

Up to 6 

Up to 15 

Up to 7 


Special fluid path and housing are without horizontal areas. 

Ball lifting magnet to make cleaning and maintenance easier 

Straight-through flow pattern technology 

AHD uses Almatec ring-tightening structure. 

AHS has exceptionally rugged housing for higher pressures. 

Soft redirections without rotating parts and shaft seals 




Sterile applications in: 

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Biotechnical 
  • Food 
  • CIP 
  • SIP 


  • Acids, caustics, high purity chemicals 
  • Wet Benches, loops 
  • Supply, disposal, filtration, circulation 


High-pressure applications across industries: 

  • Polymerization 
  • Catalytic reactions 
  • Separations 
  • Oil and gas recovery 
  • Food processing 
  • Biocatalysis 


  • Transfer and filling of beverages, sauces, toppings etc. 
  • Dosing of food and beverage ingredients 
  • Processing of meat, pastry and dough, smoothies, fruit pulp, candies 
  • Transfer and filling of cosmetics 
almatec specialty

Our range of available
Specialty AODD pumps






Principle of Operation

Almatec pumps follow the conventional working principle of an AODD pump. They move fluid by the alternate and repeated back-and-forth movement (strokes) of two flexible membranes or diaphragms mounted on a common shaft. Although diaphragm pumps can be driven directly, with the shaft connected directly to a motor, AODD pumps use compressed air with a sophisticated distribution system directing the air alternately to two air chambers on the opposite sides of the diaphragms.  

AODD pumps are capable of handling abrasive, highly viscous fluids, sludges, slurries, and shear-sensitive fluids. AODD pumps are robust, reliable, easy to maintain, and relatively low cost. They tend to be general workhorse devices and are typically used for transfer applications in a wide variety of industries. 



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