SNP Series Sliding Vane Pumps

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Blackmer® SNP sliding vane pumps are suitable for handling corrosive and caustic fluids, such as acids and liquid foods. The standard SNP pumps are constructed with self-lubricated sleeve bearings and PTFE-impregnated shaft packing. Blackmer® SNP is all stainless steel built, but the sliding vanes are non-metallic to reduce friction and eliminate galling. All SNP pumps are fitted with a removable drain plug for easy access when draining the pumps for maintenance or servicing.


Albany is a force to reckon with in the design and manufacture of high-quality positive displacement pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, and screw pumps. Albany is a force to reckon with in the design and manufacture of high-quality positive displacement pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, and screw pumps.

Design Advantages

  • Ductile-iron construction with metallised carbon sleeve bearings and non-metallic vanes for longer life
  • Shaft stuffing box accommodates most standard aftermarket mechanical seal configurations
  • Pump design and operation minimises shear and agitation
  • Adjustable relief valve protects pump against excessive pressures
  • Excellent self-priming and dry-run capabilities
  • Sustained performance and trouble-free operation
  • High suction lift and line-stripping capabilities
  • Easy to maintain – low maintenance and life cycle costs

Available Options

We customise pumps according to your application requirements. Contact us to know more about your options.

  • Optional commercial mechanical seal with stainless steel, carbon, and PTFE construction
  • Optional Triple-Lip Cartridge Seal available
  • Jacketed pump head option for high-temperature operation
  • Vane material options
  • Sealing options
  • Elastomer options
  • Material options
  • Connection options
  • Porting options
  • Mounting/baseplates
  • Maintenance kits/spare parts

Key Specifications

  • Flow rates up to 1040 L/min
  • Differential pressures up to 10.3 bar
  • Working pressures up to 13.8 bar
  • Viscosities up to 0.2 – 6,300 Cp


Corrosive or caustic fluids:

  • Sugars
  • Syrups
  • Beer
  • Beet juice
  • Cider
  • Flavour extracts


SNP High-Speed Sliding Vane PumpsSNP 2-3 Inch Sliding Vane Pumps
Flow rateUp to 121 L/minUp to 1040 L/min
Differential pressure10.3 bar10.3 bar
Max working pressure13.8 bar13.8 bar
Viscosity0.2 - 6,300 cP0.2 - 6,300 cP


Blackmer sliding vane pumps use a rotor with sliding vanes to draw liquid into the pump. This rotor is located close to the wall of the cam so that a crescent-shaped cavity is formed on the opposite wall. Each rotor slot contains a sliding vane. As the rotor rotates, centrifugal force, hydraulic pressure, and push rods work together to extend each vane to the casing wall. This creates an expanding cavity on the inlet side – creating a vacuum that pulls liquid into the pump. The liquid is trapped between the vanes and the casing wall. The rotor rotation moves the liquid cavities around to the outlet side of the pump. The vanes are forced back into their slots at the outlet side, decreasing the cavity size and forcing the liquid through the outlet port.

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