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Various industries are faced with the challenges of continuous water management on sites. From the facility’s construction to operation, industrial applications deal with so much water during processing, cleaning, emission control, and flood control.
Undesired water in an industrial site can lead to safety risks, increased costs and project delays. It is then critical for any industry to use the right technique to control, manage, and remove water. This becomes even more important as the geology and hydrology will vary from location to location and from industry to industry.
There are a variety of pumps used for dewatering any industrial site: submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, borehole pumps, etc., but the pump choice always depends on the job conditions.

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Global Pump manufactures heavy-duty submersible pumps for tackling the most demanding dewatering applications in the mine, construction, and other industrial sites.
All-Pumps has a complete range of Global Pump submersible models and styles to meet your business needs. With these durable dewatering pumps, you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance and repairs, freeing up resources to focus on your core operations.
Whether you are looking for a new submersible dewatering pump or need to replace an old one, we have the solution that fits your needs.

Our Range Of Available Global Pump General Dewatering

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Submersible High Volume DewateringSubmersible High
Volume Dewatering
Power: Up to 43 kW
Flow: Up to 511 m3/h
Head: Up to 46 m
Submersible High Volume DewateringSubmersible High
Pressure Dewatering
Power: Up to 26 kW
Flow: Up to 136 m3/h
Head: Up to 82 m
Submersible Trash
Power: Up to 26 kW
Flow: Up to 568 m3/h
Head: Up to 24 m
Global Pump General DewateringSubmersible Dredging/Slurries/Solids
Electric EL Series
Flow: Up to 1022 m3/h
Head: Up to 84 m
Discharge distance: Up to 1000 m
Hydraulic HY Series
Flow: Up to 1204 m3/h
Head: Up to 84 m
Discharge distance: Up to 1300 m


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