GRACO PD44 – Meter, Mix & Dispense Valve

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The Graco PD44 Valves are designed to dispense small amounts of water-like or paste-like fluids with viscosities from 0.005 cc‘s to 5 cc’s. They come with metering rods are mare matched with machined seals for improved seal life. There are no material hoses between the rod pump outlets and mixer inlet, eliminating potential ratio or shot size problems due to hose expansion and contraction.



Design Features

  • Accurately dispense shots of two-component epoxies, urethanes, silicone and most reactive resin systems
  • Improved low-viscosity spool design
  • Rod positive displacement metering
  • Precise mix ratio and shot repeatability
  • Designed to eliminate cleaning and potential hardening of materials in the valve


  • Potting
  • Gasketing
  • Sealing
  • Encapsulation
  • Syringe Filling
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical
  • Sporting Goods
  • Automotive Components
  • Appliance
  • Product Assembly

PD44 Valve and System Components

PR70 Dispense Systems (excluding PR70e) use intuitive user interfaces based on the Graco Control Architecture - a modular system of processing and control components. They provide similar interface functionality for systems using the same controller, simplifying training on operation. Maintenance and service also becomes easier because of the built-in troubleshooting and part replacement tools in the controller.
Patented PD44 Metering Valve

I - Patented PD44 Metering Valve

  • A – Metering Drive
  • B – Machined Seals: long life, less downtime, reduced maintenance costs
  • C – “A” and “B” Precision Metering Rods: accurate and repeatable volume ratio control
  • D – Upgraded Sensors: fast response and reliable position control
  • E – Balanced Inlet/Outlet Spool/Sleeve Assembly: accurate reloading and dispensing
  • F – Material Feed Inlet Block: separates material until in the mixer, eliminating the need for solvent flush
  • G – Shroud and Disposable Mixer: reduce waste
Pneumatic/Linear Actuator Controller - Manual and Programmable Shot Size

II - Controller

A - Pneumatic/Linear Actuator Controller - Manual and Programmable Shot Size

The controller communicates with sensors in the valve that monitor the position of the spool assemblies and metering rods. They ensure proper valve operation and help save material and labor costs in various dispensing applications – from manual to semi-automated or fully automated manufacturing processes.
Electric Controller - Programmable Flow and Shot Size

B – Electric Controller - Programmable Flow and Shot Size

Another option to control a PD44 is the use of electric controller. This free standing tabletop controller includes a NEMA 23 stepper motor for precise flow and shot control.

Other features:

  • Monochrome touch screen, audio alarm and footswitch
  • Seven programmable shot sizes and flow rates
  • Customer I/O connections for integration with auxiliary equipment.

II - Feed System

A - Cartridge Feed System

By placing cartridges of various sizes into pressurized containers, you can transfer low to medium viscosity materials to a PD44 valve.

Transfer Pumps and Rams

B – Transfer Pumps and Rams

Fit transfer pumps on pail and drum rams to pump low to high viscosity materials directly from bulk containers with ease.

Reservoir Tanks

B – Reservoir Tanks

Various sized reservoir tanks can easily be paired with a PD44 valve in a meter and dispense system.

Technical Specifications of GRACO PD44 – METER, MIX & DISPENSE VALVE

“A” and “B” Metering Rods Wide selection of sizes depending on ratio and shot sizes
Standard material: stainless steel 303/304
Ratio Range 1:1 to 25:1 by volume
Shot Size Capability 0.005 cc to 5.0 cc
Cycle Rate Up to 60 cycles per minute (pneumatic drive)
Balanced Inlet/Outlet Spool Assemblies Standard materials: nitrided tool steel spool and a nitrided tool steel sleeve
Material Feed System Pressure feed up to 1200 psi/82.7 bar
Mixers Sizes from 1/8 in (3.175 mm) to 3/8 in (9.525 mm)
Metering Drive Air cylinder with precise manual stroke adjust as standard
Industrial compressed air supply 0.1 (0.0028 m3 /min) to 2.58 CFM (0.07 m3/min) at 80 psi (5.62 kglcm2 )
Electric supply Electric – 120/240V, 50/60Hz

Principle of Operation of Graco PD44 Valve

The patented Graco PD44 Valve uses balanced inlet/outlet spool assemblies. These assemblies do not displace material while shifting from the reload to the dispense position, allowing pressure feeding of the “A” and “B” components of up to 1200 psi during reload. Meanwhile, materials from the mixer inlet are isolated. Upon shifting to the dispense position, an accurate volume of “A” and “B” components is injected into the disposable mixer inlet by rod displacement metering technology.

There are three main processes a PD44 valve system follows:

I – Reload – The spools shift to the right

  • Material feed inlets are opened
  • Materials are transferred into the metering chambers by a pressurised feed system
  • Outlet ports are blocked
  • Metering rods are retracted to a precise position determining the volume of each material

II – Shift – Balanced spool assemblies shift to the dispense position

  • Material path to the mixer inlet is opened
  • Material feed inlet ports are blocked
  • Metering rods remain in the retracted position

III – Dispense - Metering rods drive down

  • A and B materials are simultaneously dispensed from the metering chamber into the disposable mixer
  • A and B materials are dispensed at predetermined volume ratio. Upon completion of the dispense stroke, the metering rod and spool assemblies shift back to the reload position

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