Graco’s Husky EODD Series

Graco’s Husky EODD Series

Graco Husky e-Series pumps provide a great advantage over regular air diaphragm pumps. They offer higher energy efficiency by using motors rather than air compressors in driving the pump. This helps businesses save a hefty amount from their operational costs. The material used for the diaphragms can withstand abrasion and corrosion, and without any rotating parts that come in contact with the product, the Husky EOD pumps are made to last long 


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Husky EODD Series

Design Advantages
  • Leak-free and no product contamination 
  • Patented technology, enabling pump to stall under pressure 
  • Reduced energy consumption up to 5x lower than AOD 
  • Self-priming, sealless design improves pump wearability 
  • Patented Air Charged Drive extends pump life 
  • 80 percent more efficient than any other diaphragm pump 
Available Options

All-Pumps can customise pumps according to your requirements and specific applications. Get in touch with us today to find the right pump! 


  • ATEX models available 
  • Food-grade models available 
  • Range of materials and sizes 
  • Spare parts 
  • Mounting options 
Key Specifications
  • Up to 833 lpm 
  • Up to 6.89 bar 
  • Suction lift up to 8.84 m







(FDA Approved) 


151 lpm 

330 lpm 

833 lpm 

Maximum fluid working pressure 

87.56 bar 

6.89 bar 

6.89 bar 

Air pressure operating range 

1.38 – 5.52 bar 

1.38-6.89 bar 

1.38-6.89 bar 


  • Abrasive products  
  • Corrosive fluids 
  • Shear-sensitive products 
  • Gas entrapped fluids 
  • Food products 

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Husky EODD pumps





Principle of Operation

Electric diaphragm pumps use electric drive to operate compared to an air operated diaphragm that uses air to move the diaphragm. Electrical energy is generated by a small electric motor that’s attached to the pump. This starts the pumping action. A cam system inside the pump then converts the circular motion of the rotors into linear motion and drives the diaphragm to move up and down or left and right. This movement of the diaphragm is what will push the liquid to move from one section towards the outlet while the other section is filled up with fluid through the suction. 



All-Pumps offers bespoke solutions to your manufacturing processes. Whether you need a new pump, replacement part, repair services, system design, or monthly maintenance, call our professionals! 

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  • Design and cost a system or project 
  • Customise and engineer solutions for your specific application 
  • Provide spare parts and maintenance services
  • Conduct Site-Wide Pump Health Audits with our Nexus Program
  • Pump Manuals and Technical Guides 

And so much more! 

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