In the food & beverage, cosmetics, and sanitary market industries, the demand for a perfectly safe and clean pump with no damage is a must. SOMA Sinusoidal Pumps are the sine pumps which are your partner in ensuring that product integrity is delivered to your products through its uniquely designed four-chambered sinusoidal curved-shaped rotor that transfers products very gently for your delicate food & beverage, sanitary market needs across the globe.

In facilities where health is of utmost priority, the quality of products should be of high regard, pumps essentially play a big role in transferring your raw products to the highest quality output. The SOMA sinusoidal pumps are simpler, gentler, and more reliable positive displacement pumps giving you safe access where your products can pass through.

SOMA products are manufactured and tested under the highest quality standards in Germany. And it reaches out for you to offer solutions!

SOMA Sinusoidal Pumps to increase efficiency

Whether pumping thick, or shear sensitive products, the large and open cavities ensure that food is not damaged during the transfer. The SOMA pumps GmbH delivers constant volumetric displacement while eliminating product compression and minimizing damage to large soft particles or shear sensitive products without worrying on the arduous fluid path and pulsation.

The innovative years of SOMA pumps GmbH have been able to create a product with a sine-wave shaped rotor that perfectly fits the pump shaft with one seal system. It achieves the safety and quality of the products as they are being carefully transferred in the four moving chambers of the sodial pump – leaving no shear nor damage.


From cheese, juice concentrates, lotions up to thick gels, SOMA Sinusoidal pumps can make the processes possible, producing a satisfactory end product.

The pump is used reliably in various markets for Dairy, Prepared Foods, Meat and Poultry, Beverage, Confection, Bakery, Seafood, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, and Cosmetic Industries.



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  • SOMA Pumps and Parts will fit into MASOSINE Pumps
    The parts from SOMA will fit into your MasoSine Pumps, if you are sick of paying too much for MasoSine spare parts and limited material options contact us today to check how we can help.
  • SOMA Pumps GmbH offers a lifetime guarantee for the cover and the housing
    The unique design of the wave-shaped rotor does not run against the housing or the cover. That means the housing and the cover will never wear out.
  • Equipped with Stainless Steel, even lower price with pumps with painted frames
    The SOMA Sinusoidal pump series is one of the view positive displacement pumps which will be supplied, as a standard, in stainless steel. The housing pump is very cost-effective upfront with a lower cost than pumps, like a lobe pump, offering painted power frames.
  • Interchangeable Spare Parts
    The SOMA pump parts are interchangeable with all sinusoidal positive displacement pumps which make them available at all time with all variations, giving a lower overall cost of ownership

Advantages in Various Industries

Continuous Improvement and New Development is a core of SOMA products, continuous innovation is what sets its products apart.

SOMA introduces the first monobloc-SOMA sinusoidal pump on the global market. The SOMA Pumps GmbH was the first to launch this new development in the market, with its SCN-D Series of the SOMA Sinusoidal Pumps are the first series of positive sinusoidal displacement pump with a monobloc version.

With this innovation, worry no more with a complex bearing block, coupling and a complex base plate. For easy use and more efficiency SOMA sinusoidal pump is designed to be flanged directly to the drive.

These pumps have more advantages to ensure no product damage during transfers

  • The SOMA Sinusoidal pumps offer various seal systems such as lip seal, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal.
  • Clean-in-Place capable completes output faster and with less downtime
  • The sine pumps improve the appearance, consistency, and quality of your products

All Pumps Sales & Services is an official distributor of the SOMA sinusoidal pumps and sinusoidal spare parts across Australia. We partner with you to assist you bring the highest quality outputs for your specific needs.


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