Southern Cross’ Vertical Line Shaft Turbines

Southern Cross’ Vertical Line Shaft Turbines

The Southern Cross Everflow Series of high-efficiency turbine pumps is made to perform to the most demanding specifications found in a number of industries. Their heavy-duty construction incorporates diffuser vanes and rigid shaft support bearings. They are equipped with high-efficiency impellers that are statically and dynamically balanced for vibration-free operation. Discharge heads include flanged outlet connections, a water-lubricated shaft packing gland and a machined mounting flange for thrust assembly. And with tandem bronze and neoprene rubber bearings, they achieve more accurate shaft support and higher abrasion resistance.  


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Cross Vertical Line Shaft Turbines Series

Design Advantages
  • Suit Bores from 150mm 
  • Positive locking of impellers to the shaft 
  • Single to ten stage pumps available 
  • Ideal for high head, high-pressure duties 
  • Easily customisable 
  • Extendable length to ensure positive suction head 
Available Options

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  • Extensive range of materials 
  • Electric motor, diesel/petrol motor, belt drive 
  • Shaft and column pipe length variations 
  • Strainer configurations 
  • Variety of internal coatings 
  • Spare parts 
Key Specifications


Up to 500 litres per second 


Up to 600 metres 


Up to 350 mm 

  • Mining 
  • Industrial 
  • Community Supplies 
  • Agriculture 
  • Irrigation 
  • Stock Watering 
  • In-line Pressure Boosting 
  • Wastewater 

Principle of Operation

Vertical turbine pumps work when water enters the pump at the bottom through a bell-shaped part called the suction bell. From there it moves into the first stage impeller, which raises the water’s velocity. The water then enters the diffuser bowl immediately above the impeller, where this high velocity energy is converted into high pressure. The bowl also directs the fluid into the next impeller located immediately above the bowl, and this process continues through all the stages of the pump.  

After the water leaves the last diffuser bowl, it passes through a long vertical column pipe as it rises the well bore toward the surface. The spinning shaft inside this column is supported at three- or five-foot intervals with sleeve bushings that are mounted inside the column and lubricated by the water moving past them. At the surface is the pump discharge head, which allows the flow to change direction, toward the discharge pipe. 



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