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The XRCP is Sulzer’s premium range of recirculation pumps, specifically designed for efficient pumping and recirculation of activated sludge in the denitrification/nitrification process of wastewater treatment plants. These compact and easy-to-handle pumps are equipped with Premium Efficiency motors and are designed for large flows and low heads. Compared to conventional axial flow pumps, recirculation pumps do not require expensive structures in the tank, such as an inflow chamber and a large rising pipe.


Abaque Peristaltic Pump HD25 model
ABS XRCP Recirculation Pump
Capacity up to 1.68 m3/h
Pressure head up to 1.63 m
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Features & Benefits

  • Capacity up to 1.68 m3/h
  • Pressure head up to 1.63 m

Available Options

  • Recirculation of activated sludge in wastewater treatment plants




50 Hz 60Hz
Discharge sizes 250 to 800 mm / 10 to 31 in 250 to 800 mm / 10 to 31 in
Max. flow up to 1.68 m³/s up to 1.62 m³/s / 25’680 USgpm
Max. Head up to 1.63 m up to 1.44 m / 4.7 ft
Motor Power up to 25 kW up to 25 kw / 33.5 hp


  1. Premium Efficiency motor
  2. Planetary gearbox
  3. Bearings
  4. Upper bearing
  5. Rotor shaft
  6. Sealed connection chamber
  7. Dual oil chamber
  8. Mechanical seal
  9. Propeller
  10. Moisture sensor (DI) seal
  11. TCS (Thermo Control System)


  • Easy installation
  • Self-cleaning propeller
  • As an option Triple seal system with dual oil chamber enhance motor and gearbox protection for full peace of mind
  • Premium-efficiency IE3 motors or equivalent
  • Seal monitoring using multiple sensors
  • Thermo-Control System (TCS) provides timely warnings and auto switch-off

The unit is lowered along a guide tube and connected to the pipeline by an automatic coupling system.


Industrial Submersible Recirculation Pump

The operation of submersible pumps is similar to that of electric submersible centrifugal pumps. An enclosed electric motor powers the pump as the fluid’s kinetic energy rises. The fluid is subsequently lifted through the pump by this energy’s partial conversion to pressure. The design uses a vertical shaft to rotate the impellers and pressurise fluid. Using mechanical seals is necessary to prevent the electric motor from malfunctioning as the entire unit is submerged in the fluid.

On the other hand, Sulzer recirculation pumps XRCP and RCP are centrifugal propeller types (dynamic/axial flow type) capable of pumping and recirculating large amounts of water at low back pressure. Typically used in wastewater handling and wastewater treatment applications, these pumps’ function is to recirculate sludge or rainwater back to the treatment process. They direct fluid in a straight line parallel to the impeller shaft rather than radially (which is more common in traditional centrifugal pumps).

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