Submersible Smashing Cutter Pumps

Tsurumi upgraded its existing C Series Cutter Pump to the all-revamped and revolutionary CZ Series Submersible Smashing Cutter Pump. This range features non-clog submersible pumps that boast a unique shredding design that can’t be found elsewhere in the market. The new model units have undergone serious concept design stages and rigorous manufacturing processes to make sure that they can handle the most demanding transfer applications that involve solids.

Pump Design and Features 

Tsurumi is the first to come up with the Heart-Shaped Suction cover blade to improve the shredding ability of the conventional cutter pump. They also utilized a powerful double-blade impeller design to effectively smash and cut down solids that come along with wastewater, sewage water, and floodwater into particles that are fine enough to pass through the pump and the pipelines without causing damageFurthermore, an extended guide comes in level with the suction cover to prevent clogging and facilitate a smoother fluid transfer.  

  • Stationary Heart-shaped Blade – Extremely sharp and strategically placed on the suction cover to enhance the shredding ability of the CZ Series. 
  • Rotating Leading Blade – The double impeller blade located right after the suction cover acts as scissors in tandem with the Heart-shaped Blade. 
  • Extending Rotating Guide – Extended to eliminate clogging caused by solid retention at the impeller eye once and for all.  

These innovative parts allow the Tsurumi CZ cutter pumps to shred almost any kind of solids from twigs to aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cloth towels, wet wipes, masks, plastic bags, rope, and cable wire without causing even the slightest damage to the unit. 

Unique, powerful, innovative, dependable – these are exactly what’s giving the Tsurumi CZ Submersible Smashing Cutter Pumps their new bragging rights. 


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