The Husky 1050e Aluminum has a max flow rate of 39 gpm (148 lpm). The Husky 1050e-Series is typically used for chemical metering applications and waste water treatment systems.

Husky 1050e Stainless Steel




Two Types of Motor

  • AC motor
  • Operate on 220 or 480V
  • ATEX AC motor available

Two Gearbox Standards

  • NEMA motor gearbox
  • IEC motor gearbox

VFD & Air-charge Compressor Options Four Product Offerings

  • AC motor package
  • Bare pump w/ IEC or NEMA gearbox
  • DC motor package with smart control
  • Cart-mounted DC motor package w/ smart control and compressor

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Husky 1050e Electric Double Diaphragm Pumps
Technical Data U.S. Metric
Pump Weight
AC Motor Models
BLDC Motor Models
103.5 lbs
47 kg
87.5 lbs
40 kg
Material of Construction Aluminum
Center section available Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Thread Type NPT BSPT
Air Inlet Size 3/8 in. npt(f)
Ambient air temperature range for operation and storage.
NOTE: Exposure to extreme low temperatures may
result in damage to plastic parts.
32° F–104° F 0° C–40° C
Fluid Inlet and Outlet Size
Aluminum, Hastelloy, or Stainless Steel 1 in npt(f) 1 in bspt
Connection Size 1 in 25.4 mm
Polypropylene, Conductive Polypropylene, or PVDF 1 in. ANSI/DIN Raised Face Flange
Electric Motor
Power 110V, 22V, or 480V
Single or Three Phase
AC motor power 2 HP 1.5 kW
BLDC motor power 2.2 HP 1.6 kW
Pump Performance
Maximum Flow Rate 39 gpm 148 lpm
Maximum fluid working pressure 70 psi 0.48 MPa, 4.8 bar
Maximum incoming air pressure 150 psi 1.03 MPa, 10.3 bar
Air pressure operating range 20 to 80 psi 0.14-0.55 MPa,
1.4-5.5 bar
Maximum air consumption < 0.2 scfh < 0.006 cubic meters/hour
Fluid displacement per cycle 0.14 gallons 0.53 liters
Maximum free-flow delivery 39 gpm 148 lpm
Maximum pump speed 280 cpm
Maximum size pumpable solids 1/8 in. 3.2 mm
Maximum suction lift (reduced if balls don’t seat well
due to damaged balls or seats, lightweight balls,
or extreme speed of cycling)
Wet: 29 ft
Dry: 16 ft
Wet: 8.8 m
Dry: 4.9 m

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