Mouvex, founded in 1906, is a major manufacturer of eccentric disc pumps which is used in major applications across various types of industries. Due to its unique design, eccentric disc pumps are able to transfer viscous, non-lubricating, volatile and delicate materials without any risk of shearing.

Many of these units have provided 30 or 40 years of service with virtually no maintenance.

All Pumps supply the complete range of genuine Mouvex pumps and spare parts at competitive price levels.

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  • Designed without mechanical seals, packing or magnetic drive, the S-Series pumps eliminate leakage.
  • The transmission mechanism is protected by a tasteless, high-resistance elastomer sleeve meeting FDA requirements


  • The S-series pumps are designed for cleaning in place (CIP and SIP).
  • The S-series pumps can also be cleaned by hand thanks to their quick and easy opening.

Overall Dimensions

  • Due to its small size and low weight, the S-series pumps are ideal for “baseframe” mountings.


  • Self-priming with strong suction power
  • Ability to clear the pipes
  • Ability to run dry
  • Low shear
  • Maintenance of the delivery/pressure performance over time due to automatic disc/cylinder adjustment
  • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Pumped product constantly renewed
  • Ability to pump low and high viscosity products
  • Output not affected by viscosity variation
  • Low linear speed

Seal free design

Features & Dimensions

S Series Pump S2 S4C S6C S2 HP S6C HP
Max. flowrate (liters/hour) 1500 4000 12000 1100 6000
Max speed (rpm) 900 750 500 900 500
Max. output pressure (bar) 6 6 6 10 10
Max. operating temperature* 80° C 80° C 80° C 80° C 80° C
Interior diameter of ports (mm) 22 35 60 22 60
3-part couplings for tube with external dia. (mm) 38 51 63 38 63
Max. dimension A (mm) 340 340 460 340 460
Max. dimension B (mm) 880 925 1240 880 1240
Max. dimension C (mm) 505 525 670 505 670

*Dimensions may change at any time without notice, please contact your All Pumps representative for confirmation.

*Dimensions may change at any time without notice, please contact your All Pumps representative for confirmation.

*SIP 120° C (20 minutes)

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