Roper external gear pumps service a range of industries including engineering, oil, industrial, gas and transport. Made from high quality cast iron and stainless steel materials, the Roper pump range of products is suited for handling anything from from water to the most viscous products such as molasses, oil, chocolate, tar emulsion among other chemicals.


Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards, the complete line of Roper pumps is imported and distributed by All Pumps across Australia. Being a very robust pump, the Roper range has proven to be an excellent workhorse for for the most demanding applications. The range of pumps and spare parts have been supported in Australia for in excess of 10 years by All Pumps.

Helical Gear Pumps are a core product for the Roper Pump Company. Today’s product line is the result of Roper’s long history and ongoing quest to solve customer’s gear fluid handling problems. Roper features a complete line of helical gear pumps for the Industrial, Transport and Oil and Gas marketplace.

All Roper Gear Pump product is backed by Roper’s expert technical support and customer service dedicated to getting the right pump at an economical price for every application.

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A Series Gear Pump

Geared for top performance, Roper Pumps’ “A” Series keep your operation moving through thick and thin.


  • Pressure lubrication, hydraulic service, fuel supply, fuel additives
  • General transfer applications
  • Handles a wide range of viscosity


  • Cast iron standard construction
  • Capable of operating at nominal motor speeds
  • Self-priming capabilities
  • Bi-Rotational
  • Pressure up to 300 PSI
  • Flows up to 75.6 GPM


  • Packing, mechanical seal, or lip seals
  • Optional internal relief valve
  • Variety of mounting arrangements
  • Internal sleeve bearings, lubricated by the pumped fluid, are available in a choice of materials

Roper A-Series INDUSTRIAL GEAR PUMPS Resources

Roper A Series Gear Pumps

Roper A-Series INDUSTRIAL GEAR PUMPS Performance By Design

Pump ModelTheoretical CapacityMaximum SpeedMaximum Flow at Maximum Speed (0 Discharge Pressure)Maximum PressurePort
005.0005 GPR (1.9 CC/REV)3600 RPM1.8 GPM(.41 M3/HR)300 PSI (20 Bar)3/8″ NPT
01.001 GPR (3.8 CC/REV)3600 RPM3.6 GPM (.82 M3/HR)300 PSI (20 Bar)3/8″ NPT
02.002 GPR (7.6 CC/REV)3600 RPM7.2 GPM (1.6 M3/HR)300 PSI (20 Bar)3/8″ NPT
03.003 GPR (11.4 CC/REV)3600 RPM10.8 GPM (2.5 M3/HR)300 PSI (20 Bar)3/8″ NPT
06.006 GPR (22.7 CC/REV)1800 RPM10.8 GPM (2.45 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)1-1/4″ NPT
08.009 GPR (34.1 CC/REV)1800 RPM16.2 GPM (3.7 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)1-1/4″ NPT
12.013 GPR (49.2 CC/REV)1800 RPM23.4 GPM (5.3 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)1-1/4″ NPT
16.017 GPR (64.4 CC/REV)1800 RPM30.6 GPM (7.0 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)1-1/4″ NPT
21.022 GPR (83.3 CC/REV)1800 RPM39.6 GPM (9.0 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)1-1/2″ NPT
27.027 GPR (102.2 CC/REV)1800 RPM48.6 GPM (11.0 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)2″ NPT
32.033 GPR (124.9 CC/REV)1800 RPM59.4 GPM (13.5 M3/HR)150 PSI (10 Bar)2″ NPT

Roper A-Series INDUSTRIAL GEAR PUMPS Materials of Construction

STANDARDCast IronDuctile IronBronzeDuctile Iron, SteelN/A
STANDARDN/AHardened SteelN/AHardened SteelN/A

Roper A-Series INDUSTRIAL GEAR PUMPS Key Features


  • Cost effective
  • Bi-Directional rotation
  • Self Priming
  • Flange or foot mounted configurations
  • Pressure up to 300 PSI Helical gears for quiet operation


  • Bearing materials
  • Internal relief valve
A Series Performance Range
Capacity0 – 14 m3/hr0 – 60 GPM
Pressure0 -17 Bar0 -250 PSI
Viscosity1 – 55,000 cSt28 – 250,000 SSU
Temperature176° C350° F

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