Pump Replacement vs Seal Replacement for Food Manufacturer

April 24, 2024


A food manufacturer reached out to our team seeking advice on replacing a pump seal. The client was considering switching from an old gland packing seal to a mechanical seal, which is more convenient and economical to maintain. After thoroughly assessing their system, we recommended that a pump replacement would be more cost-effective.

The Problem

The client’s current lobe pump—for which they wanted to replace seals—was too outdated for the latest mechanical seals.

The Solution

Following a thorough assessment of their pump, setup, intention, and the overall costs of seal replacement, our team recommended opting for a new pump. This approach offers a more favorable ROI.
Client benefits from higher ROI with our pump replacement solution over their mechanical replacement plans.

Project Highlights

Gland packing is an old sealing technology still widely used today because of its low price and ease of installation. Many pumps, especially those in service for a long time, still use this seal. Gland packing is a traditional sealing technology that remains popular today due to its affordability and ease of installation. Many pumps, particularly those that have been in service for a long time, still use this seal.

However, the newer mechanical seal technology offers more wear resistance, longer service life, higher efficiency, and increased safety – by preventing leaks and spills. Due to these benefits, many pump users—particularly in the food and beverage industry, where sanitation is necessary—choose to switch to mechanical seals, much like our client.

However, the client’s old pump design and the mechanical seal’s advanced design were mismatched, which may cause issues in the long run. Our team recommended a pump replacement – which would provide a renewed long operational life and reliability. The sanitary lobe pumps in our portfolio include Jabsco and Inoxpa, which both use mechanical seals and are designed for easy maintenance.

For over 50 years, All-Pumps has been a partner of Australian industries in pursuing quality fluid transfer systems. With our experience and knowledge, we give our clients confidence in the solutions we build to upgrade their operations.

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