Screw pumps belong to the rotary positive displacement family and boast excellent pumping technology for a broad range of applications in the mining, heavy oil and gas, and manufacturing industries. One unit can come with a single screw or multiple screw assembly. Although differentiated by several designs, all screw pump types work by pressurizing fluid as it passes through the screw threads and rotated from the inlet to the discharge side.  

Eccentric Disc Pump Design

As its name suggests, an eccentric disc pump feature a disc strategically placed inside a pump cylinder and is driven by an eccentric bearing on the pump shaft. The movement of the disc causes the pump to create four distinct chambers that are 180 degrees apart and whose volumes may increase or decrease as the disc is rotated. Additionally, suction and discharge pressures increase as the four chambers move in pairs. This disc operation ensures constant and regular fluid flow without worrying about cavitation, pulsation, slip, or shear. 

Another design advantage that an eccentric disc pump has is its sealless operation. Without mechanical seals, leaks are eliminated and maintenance time is reduced. Its clean-in-place capability also makes maintenance and cleaning without disassembly possible. Finally, the pump is direct coupled to the gear reduction unit or motor, hence removing the need for magnets. 

Eccentric Disc Pump Operation

In this type of pump, the pumping element is mounted on an eccentric shaft and housed in a cylinder. As the shaft rotates, the pumping element creates chambers with the cylinder. This increases the size of the intake port and draws fluid inside the chamber. Fluid is then transported to the discharge where the size of the chamber is decreased. This action forces the fluid out to the discharge pipe.

Eccentric Disc Pump Benefits

  • No mechanical seals on the shaft means no leaks.
  • Ability to dry prime without damaging.
  • Provides high suction and discharge pressures, allowing the pump to self-prime.
  • Excellent handling ability of shear-sensitive fluids.
  • Clean-in-place capability for easier maintenance and servicing.
  • More efficient and safer pumping operation.
  • Higher product recovery compared with other types.


At All Pumps, we have a range of screw pumps from the best manufacturers and brands trusted by industries worldwide. Connect with one of our pump experts and we will help you find a compatible equipment for your system.

Brands we Sell, Stock & Service

Mouvex, which is under the tech company PSG Dover, is a known manufacturer of eccentric disc and rotary vane pumps. The unique technology they incorporate in every eccentric disc pump that they engineer is in demand in a wide range of industries all over the world. It also gives their pumps many advantages over other brands, making Mouvex hard to beat in the race to becoming the leading manufacturer of eccentric disc pumps.

The Mouvex eccentric disc pump features impressive clean-in-place capability, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate CIP pump. This also means that sanitation and maintenance activities can be conveniently done without disassembly.

All models are directly coupled to the motor and don’t use mechanical seals. There are no leaks and no need for magnets which account to additional wear and tear parts and repair cost in other pumps that use seals and magnets.

Above all, Mouvex eccentric disc pumps have a very gentle pumping action, making them the best equipment to handle shear sensitive products.


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