Electric Operated Diaphragm Pumps

On day to day basis, the global market is looking for more advanced ways to be operationally efficient and environmentally friendly and in the pump industry, the electrically operated diaphragm pumps are becoming more and more noticeable to companies as consumers shift towards more savings with minimum effort.

Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps which are used for applications where leakage can’t be tolerated. It is a type of reciprocating positive displacement pump which uses a flexible diaphragm and integrated inlet and outlet valves. Unlike the piston and plunger pumps, the diaphragm is flexible and causes the inward and outward motion to expel fluid inside the casing.

What is an Electric Diaphragm Pump?

An electric diaphragm pump is a mechanically driven pump and its types are manufactured with design capability to run with a single or double diaphragm configurations depending on the application.

Electric diaphragm pumps is introduced to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary pump failures and improving your facilities energy efficiency. The EODD gives you an excellent and superb output with a motor drive as opposed to the more costly traditional air-operated diaphragm pump. For what’s it worth, the EODD has the same design with the AODD, therefore, consumers enjoy the advantages of the traditional air-operated pump with more benefits in the long term.

With its design, materials, and actions, the EODD pump is powered by a highly efficient electric motor which gives electrical energy for a lower cost and cleaner maintenance with no chance of fluid leakage. The design allows for the maximum reduction of pulsation without the need for an expensive pulsation dampener. Hence, perfect for saving operational costs.

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If you want to replace your large air compressor system with a small,

no maintenance air compressor, shifting to electrically operated diaphragm

pumps is the right solution for you. But how do they differ?

Air-operated diaphragm pumps

The air-operated diaphragm pumps are the most prominent diaphragm pumps which use air compressor to drive the diaphragm. The traditional air-operated diaphragm pump is the popular choice for transferring liquids with low, medium, or high viscosities and liquid with large solids with its unique capability to stall under pressure. In terms of design, it has two diaphragm pumps and two fluid cavities with each diaphragm connecting to inlet valve and an outlet valve. This does not require electric power to drive the diaphragms.

Electric diaphragm pumps

The electric diaphragm pumps are basically design based on the AOD, the main difference is the use of electrical energy from a motor causing the pumping action. In the inner workings, it has a centric cam system in the middle which converts circular motion to linear movement to drive motion of the diaphragm. EOD pumps run with low pulsation and smooth flow. Most of the electrical diaphragm pumps won’t stall under pressure, but there are unique types such as the series of Graco electric diaphragm pumps which will.


Buying the right pump is one of the heavy decisions you make as an owner. Unable to check the maximized benefits will only cost you more than save. But sure we ask, are electric diaphragm pumps worth the extra pay?

Operationally, these two diaphragm pumps work the same. However, in terms of efficiency, the EOD pump is capable to reduce energy consumption five times more than traditional AOD pumps. The pump pressure ranges to 60 PSI to 100 PSI. This reduced energy is caused by replacing the large air compressor ultimately reducing the need for extensive maintenance making it run in a quieter and in a cleaner environment.

The major factor that hinders consumer to shift from traditional air-operated diaphragm pumps to electric diaphragm pumps is its cost. Truth to be told, the EOD will cost a bit higher than your traditional AOD, when you’re running on a budget you might well consider buying AOD. However, the difference in maintenance cost, operational efficiency, energy use per hour, and a benefit of reduced leaking failures gives you the ultimate savings – minimum resources, minimum efforts, and more savings.

Applications, picking the right pump

There is a wide range of designs for electric diaphragm pumps which varies from general industrial applications to ultimately any type of industry. The design is practically primed for any type of industry whether it be food industry, chemical processing, surface conditioning, pulp industry, water treatment, or sewage treatment. These electric diaphragm pumps are available on both ‘demand style’ and ‘by-pass’ depending on your specific requirements.

Pick the pump that works best for you. The EOD is a perfect choice as an energy-saving or highly efficient alternative to air-operated pumps.

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Graco industrial electric pumps offer a unique series of pumps that helps you achieve an electric diaphragm pump that will stall under pressure with low pulsation on the operation mode.

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