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Ensuring Workplace Safety with Highly Durable Industrial Hose Reels
Durable industrial hose reels and cable reels provides easy access to air, fluid, power and network by retractable reels in aluminum or stainless steel.


Durable industrial hose reels and cable reels provides easy access to air, fluid, power and network by retractable reels in aluminum or stainless steel. Get full control of vehicle fluids with our lubrication equipment and monitoring system.

Industrial hose and cable reels are designed to last through decades and perform with excellence no matter the circumstances. With industrial hose reels and cable reels in your business, you create a better, safer, and more ergonomic workplace without the risk of having hoses and cables on the floor.


The new generation hose reels come with different rewinding methods, materials, and some can even be incorporated with monitoring systems to allow complete fluid liquid control. Below is a rundown of features and accessories commonly found and installed in industrial hose reels.

When tube is pulled to the required length, the hose reel will automatically stop rather than auto rewind.
Models can be fixed bracket design or swivel enabling the unit to rotate laterally (up to 55° in either direction) increasing flexibility for process.
Models can be encased within a housing protecting hose from the elements, within dusty atmospheres.
Automatic rewind models are available for small diameters of tube, however as hoses become of larger diameter, containing more fluid conventional unpowered rewind mechanisms are unable to retract the hose.

At this point a Manual, electric, air powered or hydraulic powered model must be chosen to rewind the hose.

Units can range in construction from ABS (plastic), to Painted Steel or Stainless Steel depending on installed location, corrosiveness of atmosphere, hygiene/washdown required and whether the reels are installed within an ATEX Environment.
Reels can be ATEX certified, with conductive hose or food grade for hygienic applications.
To enable the reel to be mounted in the location required
When the model is connected to process, fittings may be required to connect the unit to pumps, lances and trigger nozzles.
If a reel is transferring flammable liquids a grounding reel may be required to ensure if there is a build up of static it can be discharged safely.
Hose reels and pumps are typically kept under pressure and not disconnected from supply to ensure they are always available for convenient use. A leakage detector ensures if a leak forms the unit will be stopped if this occurs out of office hours.


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Graco is an American manufacturer that earned worldwide recognition for its competitive fluid handling technologies.
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