Hose reels are simple mechanisms used for storing hose used in different application, typically in industrial facilities and firefighting systems. Apart from decluttering the workplace and organizing the hoses, hose reels provide the convenience of easily accessing hoses, flexible tubing, wires, or cords for immediate use.

Hose Reel Design 

Several types of hose reels were developed for storing a variety of cables. The most common material used in their construction includes fiberglass, metal, and plastic. Many industries are utilizing spring-driven hose reels that self-retract for convenience of usage.

Typically, hose reels are categorized according to the diameter of the hose reel cylinder and the length of the hose that they hold. Some are determined by their pressure rating and the method they rewind a cable. Most are rewound manually, however, there are also electric, spring, hydraulic, and pneumatic types.

Some industries fix their hose reels hose reels permanently in place by attaching them to an overhead horizontal column while some others are attached to the wall. For mobility, they may also be fixed on carts, trucks, or wagons.

Overall, hose reels should be made durable and heavy duty.


Hose Reel Types

  • Cable Hose ReelThis type of hose reel store cables, wires, or ropes to clear the work areas from clutter. They are sturdy and may be driven manually, by a spring, or by a motor for retraction.
  • Power Cord Hose ReelThis type safely stores power cords. They can store cords with lengths between 30 and 250 feet and are usually spring-retracted, hand-cranked, or electric driven.
  • Static Discharge Hose ReelThis type is for grounding or fueling applications, which are usually hazardous and dangerous applications. They are the main types present in the aircraft industry as well as in chemical plants, rescue operations, hazmat situations, and grain elevators. Static discharge hose reels should have the smooth operation without cable pull. They prevent electrical charges from the wires they store to eliminate ignition or combustion in hazardous environments.High-Pressure Hose ReelHigh pressure hose reels do more than just organizing high pressure hoses. They are engineered to withstand the pressure carried by high pressure hose while preventing them from tanging, damaging, and kinking.
  • Air Hose ReelAn air hose reel houses a hose that is connected to an air compressor. Apart from organizing an air hose, this type of reel helps prevent the hose from getting extra wear. They are normally hung from the ceiling.
  • Chemical Hose ReelThis type of reel comes with a non-corrosive stainless steel path as they store chemical hose which is used in transferring harmful chemicals.
  • Beverage Hose ReelComplying with the strict standards of food and beverage organizations, the beverage hose reel feature hygienic characteristics and vibration resistance to guarantee uninterrupted performance while hose is being used in food and beverage processing, transfer, steaming, and washing.
  • Fuel Hose ReelThe fuel hose reel comes with high safety features to keep the hose protected in hazardous conditions.
  • Hydraulic Tool Hose ReelThe hydraulic hose reel comes coated with protective material. It keeps the tension on the line while the hydraulic hose is being unwounded. It has hose locks t prevent the hydraulic hose from rewinding unexpectedly.
  • Emergency Hose ReelThis reel is used mostly in fire and rescue operations where there are various types of hose or cable used including electric cords, water hose, and breathing hose. It is Class A fire-resistant and is larger and more rigid than the other types of hose reels. It comes with a mounting bracket with a ball valve for immediate supply of water or chemical.
  • Teach Pendant Hose ReelsTeach pendant hose reels or roboreel are used to keep robotic cables off the floor and organized. They extend the shelf life of teach cables and are also used to maintain worker safety in workplaces.

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If your concern has something to do with fluids, rely on Graco for the best solutions. Graco is known and respected by industries across the globe because of their highly competitive technologies that are used by factories of all sizes.

The Graco hose reels are simple but innovative instruments used by industries and commercial businesses for organizing their workspaces, supporting bulk fluid transfer, and precise dispensing. They come in different sizes and rewinding methods that will work efficiently for various applications.


The retractable Graco hose reels are crafted using heavy duty materials and equipped with high-quality parts to handle a wide range of fluid from air to water, lubricating grease, petroleum, chemicals, synthetic based oils, and so much more.


Engineered to keep your facility running smoothly, Graco hose reels are fully tested to make sure that each unit passes Graco’s high standards and that it will work efficiently anytime it’s needed.


It pays to invest in technologies that ensure workplace and workforce safety. Keeping your floor free from cords with a Graco hose reel will minimize accidents that may lead to downtime .

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