Trash Pumps

trash pump

Efficiently Handles Maximum Load
of Fluid + Solid Mixture

Trash pumps are the pump of choice for dewatering and cleaning up spaces swamped in water that’s saturated with solids. Water that is contaminated with sticks, leaves, stones or other waste materials will require the use of a trash pump as opposed to a general-purpose dewatering pump. Settling for anything less can lead to flood issues from the debris build up, clogging of the pump or burning out the pump motor.

These pumps are designed to handle the maximum possible load by providing large inlets and handling solids as well as water. 

Water pumps are meant to pump clear water, but when you throw debris and other solids into the mix, choosing the right pump for the job is vital. Whether you’re cleaning up the site after building work, floods or other natural disasters, trash pumps can handle the maximum load of solids and water.


Operating Principles
of Trash Pump

Trash pumps suck in dirty water, separate the contaminants, then eject this filtered water out the other end. The method of separation depends on the type of trash pump you’re using.

Portable trash pumps use centrifugal force to create an area of low pressure that draws up the water, while diaphragm pumps create an air vacuum. Any solid matter that remains inside the pump is siphoned through an impeller before the water’s ejected.

Trash pumps can run on diesel, petrol or 240V electricity.


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