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Wash bays have become an integral part of the maintenance routine of industries that rely greatly on heavy equipment for their operations.


Wash bays have become an integral part of the maintenance routine of industries that rely greatly on heavy equipment for their operations. This is especially the case for the agriculture, construction, and mining sectors, which have several equipment that they use every day such as bulldozers, tractors, forklifts, grinders, backhoe, graders, and loaders among many others. These heavy equipment are constantly exposed to abrasive materials, oil, fuel, dirt, and chemicals that can greatly diminish their lifespan. Hence, the need for wash bay systems.

Wash bays employ several pumps to fulfill their function. Typically, there should be positive displacement pumps for oil separators, sewage pumps, pressure centrifugal pumps, and vacuum pumps.

Grundfos offers a range of extremely reliable centrifugal booster sets for hospitals, high-rise apartment blocks, irrigation systems and other commercial and district purposes where there is a need for constant pressure to meet varying demands on the water supply.


Work vehicles and equipment enter the wash pad area and are sprayed off by a pressure washer or water cannon, rinsing off dirt, grime and grease. Angled to catch the dirty water, the catch basin is below the wash pad and leads to a water treatment recycling system. The contaminants are then separated from the water which are stored for future reuse, and the pollutants are drained into the disposal system.

Efficiently and effectively clean your trucks and equipment using an on-site washing wash bay. By rinsing away excess mud, oil and other contaminants, your vehicles can run better, and the equipment can function properly and last longer. Within a wash bay, there is a wash pad, a pressure washer, a catch basin, a recycling machine and a disposal system.


Coalescing plate separators use positive displacement pumps such as diaphragm or helical rotor types because they can agitate the water and oil mixture very mildly. Meanwhile, other types of pumps, specifically the vortex and centrifugal pumps, can generate a turbulent inlet flow, causing the oil in the mixture to break down into tiny drops. Consequently, it will be difficult for the separator to break up the mixed oil and water, hence producing more wastewater.

In addition, positive displacement pumps are often used in spray washers as they are capable of producing high pressure. Multistage pumps can also be used for pressure washing

While centrifugal pumps are not the best pumps to use in oil separation and pressure washing, they are superior in other wash bay applications. For instance, submersible wastewater pumps are used to move oil and other waste liquids to authorized sewer or transporting water to treatment plants for recycling.



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