From project management to commission, All Pumps provided a smooth and complete pump solution.

mining truck wash bay

Trucks are critical in mining operations and since environment in mines are not the most ideal, there needs to be extra efforts in maintaining these trucks… Like having a vehicle wash bay!

An iron ore mine contacted us, requesting a complete solution for their wash bays.

The Problem

During wet season, mud gets stuck underneath trucks, sometime as much as 300kg!

The mud and dirt prevent the trucks from cooling down properly. When the lubricants get too hot to operate as usual, breakdowns happen.

Not only does wet weather poses as a problem, summer heat also causes temperature on trucks to soar to 80 degrees and they need to be cooled down before cleaning up with chemicals or detergents.

Our Solutions

By taking charge of project management, design engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, All Pumps was also to provide a complete pump solution.

We supplied Javelin vertical multistage pumps for pressure boosting. With stainless steel impellers, chambers and pressure casing, Javelin vertical multistage pumps can also be used to boost water pressure in buildings, water networks and industrial water supply.

In order to ensure the truck wash bays meets the Environmental Discharge requirements, we also installed a SPEL Puraceptor to treat the runoff. SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows and is capable of containing more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage.

truck wash pressure boosting pumpset
Javelin vertical multistage pumps (orange motors) & SPEL Puraceptor (green tank in the background)


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