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Maag S Series Screw Pumps

Maag S Series screw pumps are reliable, durable and capable of overcoming your most difficult transfer needs daily, and long into the future.

S Series screw pumps are ideally suited for high-pressure oil transfer, but also offer many configurations for non-lubricating, LPG, sulfur and solid-laden applications.

All Pumps is able to supply customised Maag S Series screw pumps within a short lead time. We provide turnkey solutions and offer onsite commissioning.

Features & Benefits

  • Vertical and mobile configurations
  • Solid-handling options
  • Non-lubricant fluid options
  • Capacities to 2,500 m3/h (11,023 gpm)
  • Discharge pressures to 100 bar (1,450 psi)
  • Various connection types: GB/DIN/ANSI
  • Temperatures to 450°C (842°F)
  • Self-developed filters and frequency converters
  • Specialty lines:
    • Liquid sulfur pumps
    • Multi-phase pumps
    • Granulators
    • Filters
  • Twin Screw Pumps
  • Multi-Phase Twin Screw Pumps
  • Triple Screw Pumps

Twin Screw Pumps

With Timing Gear (WTG)

Maag S Series (WTG) Twin Screw Pumps are double-suction, self-priming twin screw pumps with external bearings and a timing gear transmission.

The axial pressure on the S Series (WTG) Twin Screw Pumps’ hydraulic components is balanced automatically with no metal contact between the hydraulic parts.

The pumps are ideal for transferring non-lubricating or moderately abrasive fluids. Six different models in 80 different sizes are available to accommodate a wide range of temperatures, viscosities and operating conditions.

Maag twin screw pumps WTG

Series Capacity Diff. Pressure Viscosity Max. Temperature
m3/h gpm bar psi mm2/s (cSt) °C °F
2HM/2VM 2~2'500 10~11'000 <40.0 <580 0.5~200'000 120 248
2HR/2VR 2~2'500 10~11'000 <40.0 <580 0.5~200'000 350 662
2HE/2VE 2~2'500 10~11'000 <25.0 <360 20~3'000 100 212
2HH 10~1'000 50~4'500 <60.0 <870 1~10'000 120 248
2HC 35~750 150~3'300 <16.0 <230 1~10'000 120 248
2H 1~40 5~180 <16.0 <230 1~100'000 100 212

No Timing Gear (NTG)

Maag S Series Twin Screw Pumps with non-timing gear transmission feature a single-suction design. The axial pressure on the hydraulic components is compensated by a balance piston. Metal contact exists between the screw profiles and casing bore.

The S Series (NTG) Twin Screw Pumps transfer lubricating fluids with higher viscosities, such as bitumen and residual oil, at medium or high temperatures.

Maag twin screw pumps NTG

Series Capacity Diff. Pressure Viscosity Max. Temperature
m3/h gpm bar psi mm2/s (cSt) °C °F
2LE/2KE 1~480 5~2,200 16 230 <3,000 80 176
2LA/2KA 1~480 5~2,200 16 230 <200,000 350 662

Multi-Phase Twin Screw Pumps

Maag MS Multi-phase Twin Screw Pumps are designed for medium- to low-pressure applications, and are commonly used with untreated streams in the field, such as oil, gas and water.

Multi-phase Twin Screw Pumps utilize a screw profile and design, along with a special pump casing chamber, to effectively handle the small particulates.

Maag Multi-Phase Twin Screw Pumps

Series Capacity Diff. Pressure Max. Temperature GVF
m3/h gpm bar psi °C °F %
2MPS…B 30~1,500 130~6,500 <30.0 <430 120 248 80
2MPS…H 30~1,000 130~4,333 <36.0 <520 120 248 97
2MP 30~800 130~3,500 <60.0 <870 120 248 97

Triple Screw Pumps

Maag S Series Triple Screw Pumps are positive displacement rotatory pumps which adopt a cycloid profile of meshing principals at the screw profile. The power spindle is driven by a motor and the idler spindles are driven by fluid hydraulic power in an intermeshing screw groove. Hydraulic force on the spindle is balanced by the hydraulic load on the balanced piston.

These pumps are ideal for handling smooth constant flow across a wide range of viscosities, temperatures and pressures without solid content. Three models are available.

Maag Triple Screw Pumps

Series Capacity Diff. Pressure Viscosity Max. Temperature
l/min gpm bar psi mm2/s (cSt) °C °F
3N 10-5300 2.6-1400 ≤40 ≤580 3-5000 280 536
3M 10-2200 2.6-581 ≤100 ≤1450 3-5000 280 536
3PF 2-130 0.5-34 ≤40 ≤580 3-750 150 302

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