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Oberdorfer manufactures a range of external gear pumps to suit many industrial and chemical processing fields, including day tank applications, machine coolant circulation, and pumping harsh chemicals.

All Pumps is the distributor of the Oberdorfer bronze and Chemsteel gear pump ranges along with the related parts and servicing expertise.

  • Bronze Series
  • Chemsteel Series

General Description

Pump housings and gears are made of top quality bronze, shafts are made from Stainless Steel 303. Bronze bearings are designed of high performance carbon-graphite materials selected for wear resistance and long service life.

Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps. Each shaft revolution displaces a definite amount of liquid relatively unaffected by the back pressure in the discharge line. Shaft speed and flow are directly proportional. Recommended pressure limits are 7 bar for water and non-lubricants, 10 bar for oil and lubricants. Maximum shaft speed is 1750 rpm.

oberdorfer chemsteel series gear pumps

Liquids and Temperature

These pumps are suitable for all liquids that are compatible with bronze. Most common liquids are water, oil and mild chemicals in the PH-range of 4 to 11. Viscous liquids require reduced shaft speeds of 960 RPM or lower.

Liquids containing solids, abrasives, powders or paint pigments are definitely not recommended for gear pumps. If abrasives are unavoidable, use very low shaft speed.

The recommended liquid temperature range is from 00 - 600C for best pump life. If more extreme temperature conditions exist, please contact us. Freezing of water-filled pumps can cause damage and must be avoided. Oils at low temperatures are very viscous, requiring low speed and extra power.

Pump Maintenance and Repair

Oberdorfer gear pumps are essentially maintenance-free. If the pump is to be shut down for an extended period of time, it should be flushed thoroughly and filled with lubricating oil.

As a general rule, it is seldom economical to repair a worn out gear pump. However, if the gear chamber inside the pump body is still in good condition, the replacement of all interior parts by use of a repair kit may restore up to 80% of the original pump performance.


oberdorfer bronze series gear pumps


Ryton®, Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS, an engineered, reinforced plastic, offering a wide range of chemical compatibility, physical stability, and high temperature resistance (to 200° F). Type 316, An all purpose austenitic stainless, excellent corrosion resistance; premium choice of all 300 series alloys. Alloy C, Most used of exotic high/nickel alloys. Superior corrosion resistance for severe alkaline and acidic pumping applications.


Precision machined metallic gears of 316SS, W88 stainless, and Alloy C. Also available in glass reinforced Teflon®, Ryton® and carbon reinforced PEEK.


Shafts are 316 stainless steel or Alloy C.


Single and/or double mechanical seals are offered in elastomer bellows and Teflon® wedge designs. Bellows design available with Viton® or EPDM formed elastomer shaft seal. Wedge designs available with Teflon® wedge shaft seal and perfluoroelastomer stationary seat o-rings. Packing materials: Teflon®, Grafoil® and Teflon®/Graphite.


Full gear diameter carbon sleeve bearings for maximum chemical resistance and high load capacity. Teflon® or Rulon® plastic bearings available for product purity.

Body/Cover O-Rings

Teflon® encapsulating, silicone o-rings provide elastic memory to assure an effective long lasting seal. Avoiding the re-torquing required of pumps using pure TFE.

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