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ARBO centrifugal pumps are designed to offer reliable and excellent performance in a wide range of chemical handling applications and other fields where metal pumps do not suffice. These corrosion-resistant pumps are interchangeable with metal pumps due to standard connections. All parts are machined from solid plastic, meaning there are no metal are exposed to the working fluid, making ARBO centrifugal pumps extremely corrosion-resistant.

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arbo pumps chemical centrifugal pump

Design Features

  • Plastic-coated or Hastelloy shaft seal for maximum durability
  • No metal parts in the liquid - very corrosion-resistant
  • No injection moulding techniques or welding connections - no stress cracks
  • The highest chemical resistance
  • Compact (KR) and long coupled (TK) construction method
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting

Available Options

  • Motor options
  • Seal options
  • Paint/coating for corrosive fluids
  • Mounting/baseplate
  • Spare parts

Key Specifications

  • Max. pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. capacity: 500 m3/h
  • Max. viscosity: 400 mPas
  • Materials: Plastic


  • Galvanizing plants
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electroplating companies
  • Anodizing companies
  • Fish farms
  • Seawater aquariums
  • Desalination plants
  • Vapor washing installations


Compact Series SealPro (KR)

Compact Series SealPro (KR)

Flows up to 50 m3/h
Compact Series Chemical Standard HD (KR)

Compact Series Chemical Standard HD (KR)

Flows up to 600 m3/h
Long Coupled Series Chemical Standard HD (TK)

Long Coupled Series Chemical Standard HD (TK)

Flows up to 600 m3/h
Long-coupled with back pull-out


Centrifugal pumps impart energy to the liquid by means of a centrifugal force developed by the rotation of the impeller. First, the liquid is injected into the pump, through the pump casing and down the impeller eye. Velocity energy is imparted to the liquid through the centrifugal force produced by the rotating impeller. The liquid is radially pushed out towards the impeller periphery. The velocity energy of the liquid is converted to pressure energy by directing it to an expanding volute design casing. The pumps operate at relatively higher speeds thus permitting a high liquid flow.


arbo pumps chemical centrifugal pumpCENTRIFUGAL PUMPS
Max. pressure: 10 bar
Max. capacity: 500 m3/h
arbo pumps magnetic drive pumpMAGNETICALLY DRIVEN PUMPS
Maximum system pressure: 10 bar
Maximum flow rate: 60 m³ / h
arbo pumps seal less immersible centrifugal pumpsSEALLESS IMMERSIBLE PUMPS
Maximum flow rate: 300 m³ / h
Maximum head: 80 m

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