Adaptable, Reliable, Outstanding quality and performance: these are the traits that sum up the ARO pump brand.

ARO is a world-class manufacturer of robust diaphragm pumps that are widely used by different industries across the globe. They have an eight-decade legacy of engineering premier AODD pumps that boast excellent and powerful pumping performance. With a wide variety of pump models and accessories, ARO always has a pump for any application in the Chemical, Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Pharmaceutical, and many other industries.


A unique feature of the ARO diaphragm pump is the patented ice-reducing quick-dump capability that works by redirecting the cold exhaust air away from the pump parts that are vulnerable to icing. 

Another notable feature is ARO’s unstallable unbalanced air valve design that’s used for preventing stalling that’s a common issue in other pump types.


Apart from their best-selling AODD pumps, ARO also manufactures piston pumps that may be air or hydraulically-driven. They are known for their economical operation and precise metering of a wide range of duty fluid. From low to high viscous fluids as well as semi-fluids, ARO has one of the most dependable solutions for you.


  • Dewatering
  • Transfer
  • Water
  • Oils
  • Slurries
  • Chemical

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