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Flowserve Corporation is one of the world’s largest industrial and environmental machinery manufacturers. It has a rich history of developing sustainable technologies that started 230 years ago with the founding company Simpson & Thompson. In 1997, Flowserve emerged as a result of the merger of two large motion and control manufacturers, Durco International and BW/IP. At present, Flowserve holds the most comprehensive portfolio of pumps, valves, and other fluid control products and has several big brands under its umbrella, including TKL, SIHI, Durco, and more.
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Thompsons Kelly and Lewis (TKL)

Manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and steel castings. The brand was founded as Thompson & Co. in 1875 until it merged with Kelly & Lewis to form Thompsons, Kelly & Lewis (TKL) in 1987.TKL later became a subsidiary of Flowserve Corporation in 2004.
TKL offers comprehensive technology and advanced products that have been honed for over a century. Its proven designs give companies the most efficient solutions to their pumping needs. In addition to its innovations, TKL continues to produce replacement designs from the 1980s and 1990s, enabling simple changeouts of these heritage pumps without pipe modifications.



Durco Chemical Process Pumps

Duriron Company (also known as Durco) started business in 1912 as an industrial components manufacturer. It became known for its technologies, setting the standard in handling extremely corrosive materials. During the First World War, Durco was the go-to of explosives manufacturers, where its “denitrating towers” became highly in demand for the safe handling of nitric and sulfuric acids. In World War II, the company devoted its efforts to supplying pumps and valves to produce atomic bombs.
Eighty-five years later, Durco acquired the California-based pump manufacturer BW/IP International, and the merger gave birth to the Flowserve Corporation in July 1997. At present, Durco serves as a brand under Flowserve, maintaining its expertise in designing and manufacturing chemical process pumps and valves.

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