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The all new Durco Mark 3 Group 4 pump offers increased capacity with proven Durco performance and reliability along with ASME B73.1 design features. Offering flow rates to 3,861 m3/h (17,000 US gpm) — well beyond ASME size limits — the Durco Mark 3 Group 4 pump is ideal for high-flow, high-head applications in the chemical processing and general industries.



Durco Mark 3 Group 4 High-Capacity

FLOW UP TO 64,350 LPM (Liters per minute)
or 3,861 m3/hr

Features & Benefits

  • Reverse vane impeller is the only impeller design that offers repeatable pump performance throughout the life of the pump. Open impellers available.
  • Durco SealSentry seal chambers feature flow modifiers that extend seal life by providing optimal seal chamber environments.
  • Standard sealed bearing housing with labyrinth bearing isolators to keep lubricant in and contaminants out.
  • Two-piece power end design with self-contained bearing housing reduces maintenance costs and facilitates predictive maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty radial and thrust bearings are selected for long life and reliability.
  • External micrometre impeller adjustment accurately sets impeller clearance in 20 seconds, simplifying maintenance.
  • Rugged shaft and bearing design extends seal life, bearing life and reduces shaft deflection and vibration.

Available Options

Durco Mark 3 is available in various configurations and comes with a range of options to suit your specific needs. Get in touch with our experts for more information.

  • 13 Sizes on two bearing frame platforms
  • ATEX, Food-grade, Drinking water, CUTR configurations available
  • Sealless mag drive configuration available
  • Wide range of construction materials
  • Impeller options: reverse vane, open impeller, closed impeller
  • Impeller material options
  • Centerline mounted casing available
  • Drain, gauge, recirculation connections available
  • Size Range: 20 mm to 200 mm
  • Spare parts

Key Specifications

  • Flows to , LPB or 3861 m3/h
  • Heads to 125 m (410 ft)
  • Discharge pressures to 19 bar (275 psi)
  • Temperatures from -73°C to 204°C (-100°F to 400°F); ductile iron: -29°C to 204°C (-20°F to 400°F)


  • Bulk tank transfer
  • Chemical transfer
  • Wastewater scrubber
  • Cooling tower feed
  • Ethanol processing
  • Light chemical slurries
  • Corn wet milling
  • Reverse osmosis plants
  • Evaporator feed


Abrasive wear is on the machinable rear cover, rather than the more expensive casing. Furthermore, there are no costly sideplates, which can provide leak paths.


Balance holes maintain low, predictable seal chamber pressure and thrust loads.


Durco ANSI 3A reliability the Mark 3 power end incorporates all the proven reliability-, maintenance- and performance-enhancing features of the Durco ANSI 3A power end. These mitigate the risk of mechanical failure under even the harshest operating conditions.


Precision machined, metal-to-metal, inter-connecting faces at the casing, seal chamber, adapter and bearing housing provide reliable sealing and optimum concentricity.


Industrial Chemical Pumps

In Durco Mark 3 Group 4 High-Capcity centrifugal pumps, fluid enters the impeller through the “eye” and is “centrifuged” (hence the name) to the impeller periphery. As the impeller rotates, it imparts kinetic energy onto the fluid. The impeller vanes have channels with an increasing flow path area. As the flow path area expands, the passing fluid’s velocity decreases and the pressure increases. The fluid then falls to the volute. Due to the unique shape of the volute casing, the fluid undergoes a further velocity decrease and pressure increase. This causes the liquid to be discharged through the discharge port.

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