Tsurumi's KTD Range 

Tsurumi is a strong contender in the electric submersible and engine-driven pump market. Its portfolio of submersible pumps is complete with all types possible from vortex impeller to standard open impeller types with agitators, cutters, or grinders.
The Tsurumi KTD pump range features powerful slurry pumps using the KTZ pumps as a base. These pumps, however, are designed to have more motor shaft power allowance than the KTZ series to handle muddy water with higher specific gravities. KTD Pumps also incorporate agitators to effectively handle large concentrations of solids. The agitators are engineered using high-strength materials to withstand abrasion and have a powerful action to help keep the pump’s inlet unclogged. All KTD pumps come with Tsurumi’s original technologies such as the patented oil lifter, double mechanical seal with silicon carbide faces, and anti-wicking cable block to optimise their performance.


Design Advantages

  • Three-phase cast iron pump, lightweight, rugged
  • Wear-resistant semi-open impeller and suction cover
  • Top discharge side flow design for effective motor cooling
  • Slim design to fit in narrow pits
  • Strainer to free the pump from blockage
  • Equipped with Tsurumi original technologies

Available Options

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  • All stainless steel version
  • Sea-water resistant version
  • High-temperature liquid version
  • High voltage version
  • Guide rail options
  • Spare parts

Key Specifications

  • Flows up to 0.8 m3/min
  • Heads up to 22 meters
  • Solids passage up to 10 mm
  • Bore up to 80 mm
MODEL  Capacity 
Max Solid 
KTD22.0  0.5  20  2  10 
KTD33.0  0.8  22  3  10 


  • Construction sites 
  • Quarries 
  • Drainage / dewatering 
  • Concrete mixing plants 
  • Mining / drilling 
  • Bentonite 


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Abaque Peristaltic Hose Pump HD100 model


Abaque Peristaltic Hose Pump HD100 model



Tsurumi’s range of submersible pumps consist of vortex impeller and standard impeller types. Submersible centrifugal creates rotational energy to push liquid out to the discharge while vortex impeller pumps create vortex to pump liquid out. Generally, though, submersible pumps suck liquid into the pump as they sit at the bottom of a reservoir and push the fluid under pressure through the pipe out to the surface or a designated end location like a treatment facility.

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