Versamatic is a brand launched by the world-acclaimed pump manufacturer Warren Rupp. Since the early 1980s, Versamatic has set the standard for industrial AODD pumps. Boasting versatility and greater durability, Versamatic has easily become the first choice of the automotive, ceramics, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, paper and pulp, oil and gas, and construction industries for conveying thin fluids, slurries, and liquids with large solid particles. 


Made from a variety of materials like Stainless Steel 316, cast iron, aluminium, and a range of plastics, Versamatic has reinvented AODD pumps to come up with the most efficient solution for quick and reliable pumping. A number of accessories are also available to boost the operation of the Versamatic pumps like surge suppressors, wet start/dry stop controls, leak detectors, and anti-shock valves. Additionally, Versamatic created a series of specialty pumps for submersible, high efficiency, and high-pressure applications. 

Also, FDA approved, Versamatic AODD pumps are ideal for hygienic pumping with flow rates up to 260 GPM for the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Dimensionally interchangeable with other brands, Versamatic is a fluid handling expert that satisfies every requirement of its users. 


  • Slurry and Sludge 
  • Abrasive fluid handling 
  • Shear sensitive products 
  • Metering and dosing 

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