Wangen’s X-Unit 

Wangen’s X-Unit 

The Wangen X-unit is a module added before the pump, serving as a preliminary stage where the fluid is freed from harmful solids that may damage the pump.The X-Unit consists of the X-CUT and X-TRACT components sold separately. The X-tract serves as a screening chamber where large solids are collected. Meanwhile, the X-CUT cuts down the smaller solids that are able to pass beyond the X-TRACT. Together, they minimize risks of blockage on the pipelines to the pump or the inlet port of the main pump.  


Know more about Wangen
X-Unit Series

Design Advantages
  • Designed to preserve life of pumps while increasing their efficiency 
  • Durable, heavy-duty seal with in-house cooling and lubrication 
  • Excellent substrate digestion rates 
  • Flow-optimised catch container 
  • Drive unit on slide simplifies assembly and disassembly of wearing parts 
  • Galvanised components for reliable corrosion-resistance 
Available Options
  • Special material construction 
  • Additional rinse connections 
  • Mounting stand possible 
  • Spare parts 
Key Specifications
  • Cutting blades rotation speed up to 3000 RPM 
  • Output up to 1250 mᶟ/h 
  • Differential pressures up to 6 bar  
  • bilge water 
  • fish offal 
  • industrial wastewater 
  • paperpulp 
  • bovine manure 
  • liquid manure 
  • vegetable waste and food residues 
  • raw water 
  • fermenter digestate 
  • cleaning and washing water from agricultural processes 
  • organic recirculates 
  • secondary fibres 
  • food waste 
  • media with entanglement/clogging tendancy 


x unit


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