Waukesha’s Universal Twin Screw

Waukesha’s Universal Twin Screw

Waukesha’s twin screw technology offers smooth, reliable operation through a variety of process fluids. The Universal Twin Screw Series is available in various screw pitches to give owners more flexibility when handling particulates. They are versatile, acting as a process pump and CIP pump at the same time. This reduces the number of valves, pipes, control systems, and space needed in a process system while allowing owners to save capital costs.  


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Universal Twin Screw Series

Design Advantages
  • Waukesha non-galling Alloy “88” screw for reliable performance 
  • Gentle handling of products with particulates without degradation 
  • Front-loaded access to product side seals for easy maintenance 
  • Bi-directional flow capability without modifications 
  • Smooth operation, reduced slip pulse in low inlet pressure 
  • No pressure fluctuations, reduced noise 
Available Options
  • Port options 
  • Screw pitches 
  • O-ring options 
  • Seal material 
  • Close coupled Tru-Fit® option 
  • Spare parts 
  • Mounting 
Key Specifications
  • Capacity up to 277.1 m3/h 
  • Pressure up to 25.5 bar 


CAPACITY (m3/h) 




Up to 31.8 

Up to 25.5 bar 

Up to 16.51 


Up to 56.3 

Up to 21.1 


Up to 136.3 

Up to 27.7 

220 UTS 

Up to 277.1 

Up to 45 


Food and Beverage 

  • Soups, Stews, Tomato Paste 
  • Vegetables, Dressings 
  • Chocolate, Fats & Oils 
  • Batters, Cream Fillings 
  • Brewery, Wort 
  • Soft/Fruit Drinks 
  • Meat Processing 


  • Cream, Milk 
  • Cheese Curd & Whey 
  • Cottage Cheese 
  • Yogurt 


  • Pill Pastes 
  • Syrups, Extracts, Slurries 
  • Face Creams & Lotions 
  • Hair Styling Gels & Liquids 
  • Dyes & Alcohols 
  • Soaps 
  • Cosmetics 


  • Solvents, Paints 
  • Fuels 
  • Resins, Polymers & Sludges 
  • Oil & Lubricants 
twin screw

Our range of available
universal twin screw pumps




220 UTS


Principle of Operation

The Waukesha twin screw pump is a positive displacement pump with outstanding hygienic capabilities. The pump consists of a pair of screws that rotate in different directions. As the pump rotates, the intermeshing of the two contra-rotating screws, along with the pump housing, form volumetric chambers or vacuum which causes fluid to come in. These chambers fill with the duty fluid and is moved axially from the suction side of the pump to the higher-pressure discharge side of the pump. 



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