Case Study: Roper Molasses Gear Pumps for Viscous Fluid Injection

February 20, 2024


All-Pumps has a long history of customising molasses pumps for injecting molasses into farm feeds. Pumping molasses – a surprisingly difficult fluid to deal with – has been a challenge to livestock farms across Australia. With our range of efficient and reliable gear pumps, we were able to help farm owners streamline their daily feed production.


The customer has three feedlots, thus needing three pump packages to distribute a specific amount of molasses per feedlot. Each feedlot required a 30 litre per minute flow rate for the molasses with a viscosity of 2000 cps.

The Solution

Gear pumps offer a foolproof solution for pumping challenging fluids. We chose Roper gear pumps for the project and coupled them to 6-pole motors, giving 28 litres per minute flow rate without using a gearbox.
Roper Molasses Gear Pumps for Viscous Fluid Injection

Project Highlights

When pumping molasses, the ideal pump type to be used is a gear pump. Gear pumps are rotary positive displacement pumps that pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution. These pumps transfer fluid by gears that come in and out of mesh to create a non-pulsating pumping action. Gear pumps can pump at high pressures and excel at pumping high-viscosity liquids like molasses for animal feed very efficiently.
Another reason for using a gear pump to handle molasses is its flow rate. Gear pumps have a very controllable and steady flow rate; this is ideal for food processing and applications where accurate amounts of fluids need to be added through a pump.
For this project, we used Roper cast iron gear pumps, which are world-renowned for their viscous handling capabilities. The pump’s helically aligned gears transfer the product efficiently and reliably without failure due to binding up or premature wear. Roper gear pumps can run at standard motor speeds, eliminating the need for a gearbox. These characteristics allowed us to provide the customer with an economical molasses feed pump solution and a fast turnaround from order to delivery.
  • Roper Molasses Gear Pumps for Viscous Fluid Injection
  • Roper Molasses Gear Pumps for Viscous Fluid Injection
  • Roper Molasses Gear Pumps for Viscous Fluid Injection

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