Oil Skimmer Saves Contamination of Water Treatment Plant

March 25, 2024

The Problem

One of the Major Tunnelling Projects in Sydney. The customer was getting some oil into their first stage of dewatering from the excavation machinery. There was so much of it at some points it was visible as a layer on top of the water in this fish tank. The biggest issue was the water treatment plant was not designed to handle or filter any oils. The oil started to destroy the filter bags in the filter press which meant the repairs of the treatment plant were becoming frequent.

The Solution

Installing a Tsurumi oil skimmer in the first section of their fish tank. This is the primary stage of water treatment, collecting all of the water from the ground pits into the dewatering fish tank allowing the water and oil to separate. The skimmer, due to its unique floating design, sits perfectly just below the surface of the water and sucks the film of oil away into a separate chamber.
Oil Skimmer Saves Contamination of Water Treatment Plant

Project Highlights

The oil is now collected at the fish tank before reaching the water treatment plant. Therefore, the filters are protected. The client was very happy with the simplicity of the install, with the plug and play nature of the Tsurumi Oil Scum Skimmer. It was a simple solution to a complex solution.

Project Focus

The FSP-series is a floating scum and oil skimmer designed for the collection of floating scum in the wastewater treatment. It consists of a submersible pump, jet-injector mechanism, and three floats. The jet-injector mechanism ensures stable suction operation even if water, air and scum are drawn simultaneously. As it is a floating type, the suction mouth can keep its relative position with the water surface, which prevents operation failure due to changes in the water level. The suction mouth can be adjusted to a depth between 0 to 60mm, so that the skimmer can efficiently suck scum with minimal amount of water. Adjustment of the depth can be done by turning the floats to right or left.

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