Helping Beverage Manufacturers 'Up' Their Game

June 13, 2021

To meet growing demands, food and beverage manufacturers are feeling the heat to ‘up’ their game. There is a need to streamline processes and increase productivity.

One of the most cost-effective ways is to upgrade their current equipment.

A beverage producer wanted a robust pump with high flow rate and efficient consumption. It will be used to unload bins with beverage concentrates.

It is interesting to note that the beverage producer was using a P8 Wilden poly pump but wanted a better AOD pump which will have higher flowrate (lesser unloading time), more robust design and better efficiency (lesser energy).

All Pumps supplied a Graco Husky 2200 poly pump which ticked all the boxes. The customer were stroked with the reduced unloading time which speed up their entire process. The plastic center section on the Graco AOD pump, as opposed to the Wilden’s aluminum, also means that clean-in-place (CIP) chemicals can be used without damaging the pump.

Graco Husky AOD pumps use over-molded diaphragms in their AODD pumps and are much more durable compared to standard diaphragms.

Graco AOD Pumps


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