High Volume Dewatering Pump

April 15, 2021

Project Details

High Volume Dewatering Pump needed with Hazardous Area Ratings.

In the event of a storm or high rainfall the bunded area around the fuel storage tanks at the terminal. The site wanted a portable solution that can run autonomously with priming opportunities.

Rainwater and traces of hydrocarbons building up in hard to reach areas needing to be evacuated and transferred to the water treatment plant. The existing air operated diaphragm pumps meant the site needed to run an airline to the location of pumping and their transfer volume was making the process 3 or 4 days to clean up one area.

The client required a solution that could safely dewater from a bund in a terminal hazardous area zone. The diesel motor needed to have modifications certification and be rated to operate safely in this enviroment.

With one of the major issues being portability and reliability (transfer time and speed) the customer worked with All Pumps to select a suitable pump that can be forklifted around the site. It has a superior vacuum with a Priming System and Dry Run Oil Filled Mechanical Seal. Built with an American Made Pioneer pump and locally fabricated mine spec skid and fuel bund.

Secondly – the diesel engine needed to be safe to operate in a hazardous area. The customer needed specific certification so we partnered with CAT engines to help us fit the necessary attachments and upgrade the engine to match the safety hazards present in these areas.

Client Reference

All Pumps engineering support has been critical to the success of several projects, including the new Dewatering Pump Skid. We deal with you because we know it will be delivered quickly and you have the expertise to work out what we need for each application.

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