Flooded Pump Replaced With Inoxpa Hygienic Lobe Pump

October 26, 2023


A customer’s SPX hygienic lobe pump was submerged in a flood, causing it to break down. They ordered a replacement using their insurance with a low per-occurrence limit, leaving them unable to purchase a new SPX pump. Given their budget, All-Pumps recommended an INOXPA lobe pump as a replacement.

The Problem

A customer required a replacement pump quickly as their SPX pump was submerged in a recent flood. They placed the order under their insurance, but the per-occurrence limit was smaller than the price of a brand-new SPX lobe pump. Alternatively, they searched for other brands but would not match the footprint.

The Solution

All-Pumps recommended an INOXPA hygienic lobe pump mounted on a custom-built base plate to provide an easy fit. We also provided the gearbox and motor for a complete pump-motor assembly.

INOXPA lobe pumps are high-quality positive displacement pumps designed for transferring various liquids, especially in industries where hygiene and product integrity are critical, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Its stainless steel construction, smooth surfaces, and gentle pumping action make them ideal for handling shear-sensitive and viscous fluids without compromising product quality. These hygienic lobe pumps are known for their versatility, ease of cleaning, and reliability, making them a trusted choice for applications requiring precision and sanitary fluid transfer.

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Flooded Pump Replaced With Inoxpa Hygienic Lobe Pump

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